It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia

Season 7 Episode 7

CharDee McDennis: The Game of Games

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Oct 27, 2011 on FXX

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  • No.


    I am fine with my fellow users giving this episode ahigh score. I have no problem with them enjoying it, but I just hated this episode. There was no story, I like my comedies to be well-written and have a point. I did not find the chaos and the drinking and the yelling funny. Maybe that is why I couldn't stand the episode. Maybe. I just think Sunny has gotten lazy. They believe they are so gifted comedically that anything they give us will be gold, but I don't feel that way back about them.

    Sorry, but I absolutely hated this.

  • "CharDee McDennis: The Game of Games"


    This episode opens with the gang being bored, like many other episodes, so they expect mac to have some sort of scheme for them to get involved in. When he doesn't, they decide to play CharDee McDennis, a game they created before frank joined the gang. This is the first episode to take place ENTIRELY inside the bar, before there have been some episodes that took place inside the bar mostly but at one point they went outside(The gang dances their asses off, the gang gets held hostage). When I saw who wrote this i knew it would be a great episode and it actually exceeded my expectations. I'm not even gonna begin to explain how the board game works because that would take too long so your gonna have to watch the episode to find out, and hopefully you won't be disappointed, and if you are disappointed with this episode then this just isn't your show and you just need to move on.

    Favourite part of the episode: "Dennis is asshole, why charlie hate."

    Least favourite part of the episode: This has nothing to do with the quality of the episode but id just like to point this out. They are selling the Chardee McDennis board game on the website. Now why is this a problem you ask? Its the exact same price as the season 6 blu ray. So your basically paying 40 dollars for some wood when you could probably just make it yourself for way cheaper. Im a huge fan of the show but I would never pay that much for that.

  • Awesomely funny!


    This episode was hilarious! I laughed and laughed and laughed. I also realized I've played a similar game when drunk. It involved standing in front of a dart board while someone threw darts at my head. They should make this game. Drunken morons the world over would buy it. They'd get hurt, but it would be their own fault!

  • this was an awesome episode, im making an online "chardee macdenis" game. will post when done


    this was an awesome episode, im making an online "chardee macdenis" game. will post when done.

    this was an awesome episode, im making an online "chardee macdenis" game. will post when done

    this was an awesome episode, im making an online "chardee macdenis" game. will post when done

    this was an awesome episode, im making an online "chardee macdenis" game. will post when done

    this was an awesome episode, im making an online "chardee macdenis" game. will post when done

  • The game of games!


    For me, it's always evident when one of the main cast members writes an episode. The gang just seems a lot more loose and the writing seems remarkably tight. Sometimes, when somebody else steps in that's not one of the actors, the episode can feel a little different than the earlier episodes, and while I'm not sure we'll ever get another Season 1 or 2 type episode, the insanity that the show brings on a week to week basis now is incredible.

    This episode is pretty simple: the gang is bored so they break out an old board game they made up awhile ago when they were bored. The game is called "Chardee Macdennis," and the rules barely matter. The whole point of the game is to win and get as drunk as possible in the process. The gang clearly knows how to play, and while we may be a bit confused watching, the fun of the episode is watching the gang just go bananas.

    There was just too many funny moments throughout the episode: Mac trying to pull up the board even though it was nailed down, Charlie eating the grapes instead of just holding them in his mouth, the fancy-schmancy music played during the pre-level interludes... the episode just felt fun and moved at such a rapid pace that it feels like we just barely got to have fun with them.

    I've been reading some reviews that people wrote about the episode and am mind-boggled to see some call this the worst of the season. I would go as far to say that it's one of the better ones, up there with "Frank Reynolds' Little Beauties" and "Sweet Dee Gets Audited."

  • Mixed review. Amusing, but kind of pointless. Strong enough to pacify fans for another week, but not strong enough to win any new converts. Not my favorite, but not nearly as bad as "Frank's Brother."


    When you have a loyal, cult-like following, one way to perpetuate it into the indefinite future is to make a game out of your product. "Seinfeld" gave us Festivus, Harry Potter gave us Quidditch, Infinite Jest gave us Eschaton, and now it looks like "It's Always Sunny in Philadelpia" has given us CharDee McDennis.

    Basically, this episode consisted of the Gang playing this violent drinking game and explaining some of its many, many rules, and little else. That being the case, it doesn't make much sense to provide a synopsis beyond that.

    "CharDee McDennis" was a solidly amusing episode with some good character-driven humor, although it loses some points for being ultimately pointless and plotless. The game itself was wildly clever. The characterization was generally spot-on, and it was especially nice to see Mac behaving a bit like Mac again after a few episodes that really didn't seem to know what to do with him. On the other hand, though, I feel like the episode itself wasn't as clever as the game's pure ingenuity. In other words, reading a "How to Play CharDee McDennis" guide might have been more amusing than watching an episode about characters playing the game. It may have been a better idea to reference the game in an episode and publish a how-to-play guide for the fans than to structure a whole episode around it. Overall, though, "CharDee McDennis" was very amusing. There was a relaxed vibe among the cast and, as usual, it was fun to watch the characters being themselves. It wasn't as cleverly plotted or bust-your-gut funny as the show's best (or even the show's typical) episodes, but there wasn't anything *egregiously*wrong with it either (see "Frank's Brother" for an example of several things being egregiously wrong with an episode).

    I probably wouldn't even bother writing a review of "CharDee McDennis" if I wasn't somewhat concerned that this show could fall into the trap of becoming too comfortable with the likelihood of repeat viewers tuning in to see characters being themselves and thus too scared to be as daring as it was in previous seasons. "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia" isn't and should never become "comfort food" for repeat viewers. This episode was strong enough to pacify fans for another week, but I wouldn't sell the show to a potential new fan on the basis of it, and I'm not sure whether fans will stick around if episodes like it become the norm.

    Again, though, "CharDee McDennis" was amusing throughout and not nearly as off-putting as "Frank's Brother." It was a slightly below-average "Sunny" episode, which is still pretty damn good.