It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia

Season 2 Episode 1

Charlie Gets Crippled

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Jun 29, 2006 on FXX
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An accident that puts Charlie in a wheelchair opens up a window of possibilities for the gang. Meanwhile, Dennis and Dee’s estranged father reenters their life in hopes of starting anew with his children and soon discovers that he enjoys the lifestyle of their friends.

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  • #1 Sunny Fan Review: #24

    Introducing Danny DeVito. I liked how many people watched the entire season 1 to find out that DeVito came in season 2. An anticipated episode that sparked the future core fans into loving this series. If it wasn't for him then there would be no more of this series. Danny however did deflect the audience from realizing that this was the first episode in which Sweet Dee actually showed her new character. This felt like a first 30 minutes of a movie since season 2 was like a movie. The best episode to get the first look at "The Gang" in it's (now) full view of them.moreless
  • like losing a winning lottery ticket..

    This show was practically had a free ride to success! ..That is until they added Danny Devito. He completely ruined the chemistry of the show in my opinion. I was all excited to finally have something to watch this summer since nothing else is on and I'm all caught up on everything.. I finished season 1 in a day and I got about 15 minutes through this episode and had to just turn it off.

    How do such great shows have a knack for utterly destroying their niché with stupid moves like this one!? That is what I want to know.moreless
  • Season 2 Premiere

    A hysterical episode, and a great way to kick off season 2. Also a very great introduction to Danny Devito, a newcomer on the show. I think this season really started focusing on the gang's self obsessed ways, and we got a lot of that here. As we know, this show deals with controversial topics, and they manage to make them hysterical.

    Things were no different here, when they take being handicapped, a controversial topic, and they manage to make it absolutely hilarious. This episode will remain to be a series classic, and I laughed all the way throughout. Some memorable scenes would definitely have to be Dee pretending to be cripple, and how everything tied together in the end, the ending was absolute perfection. Everyone actually does end up cripple, and as everyone walks out of the hospital room, it zooms in on the guy that Dee was talking too when they got hit, he is seriously injured.

    "It's good no one important got hurt" Just a lot of one liners that had me in stitches. Don't miss this installment of It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia.moreless
  • A really funny episode of a show that needs to be checked out. Even if it's for a second time.

    When It's Always Sunny premiered last year I was less than excited about the series. I preferred FX's Starved much more. It's Always Sunny always seemed like the lesser of the two to me. I was rather upset when I found out FX bought another season of It's Always Sunny over Starved, but now having seen the new premiere I've gone from resenting the show to loving it. This episode just had so many great comedic moments one after the next. Plus Danny Devito makes a great addition to the show. He really balances out everything you get from Charlie and co. I also love the references to Wawa. Those are something only someone from the Philadelphia area would get. So after watching I'm very excited about the show, and I think everyone needs to give this show a shot for the first or second time especially if you don't even watch FX. I can't wait for more episodes.moreless
  • The Gang Gets Banged...Up.

    I was a latecomer to the glory of this show, but better late than never and for the second season premiere, I was right on time.

    I have to admit, I was worried about the addition of Danny DeVito to the cast. It's nothing against DeVito specifically. It's more that I felt this cast played off each other so well that adding a new ingredient might spoil the show's delicious flavor of bad behavior. After seeing both "Charlie Gets Crippled" and "The Gang Goes Jihad", it's clear that DeVito can't wreck this crew, but I'm still not convinced that his character would work better as a guest performer rather than a series regular.

    Still, from the moment of "Dennis, you son of a b----!" this show was back in finest form. While everyone on the show is great, I think Charlie Day is the one who manages to steal every show. Not only does he have a great delivery, but he's the perfect butt of every joke. He's no more or less dispicable than his friends, but somehow, he's the one who earns the punishment (last season did not contain episodes of "Mac Gets an Abortion" or "Dennis Gets Molested"). I also loved the bookending of the spectator-reveal joke.

    While I'm psyched that FX is airing two new episodes every week, I hope it doesn't push this season by too quickly.

    Now can we please get this show on DVD?moreless

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