It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia

Season 6 Episode 12

Dee Gives Birth

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Dec 09, 2010 on FXX
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With the impending arrival of Dee's baby, the guys try to figure out who the father is by having a party for all her past flings.

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  • Dee gives birth while the gang tries to discover the dad

    The finale of Season 6 is all about Dee's birth, and for a plot that has been done to death in sitcoms and has lead to one of Sunny's first ongoing plots that carried on throughout multiple episodes, I was pleasantly surprised with not only how we were given an original Sunny take on the whole "baby plot" but how it tied in so well with the beginning of the season.

    I have to give much respect to the cast and writing crew this year, because there were some awesome episodes. Tonight, everybody was on their game, and similar to what I said before, the writers sure do know how to bring back characters from the past and remember exactly why we loved them in the first place. My favorite addition to the show is easily the bridge people. There's no other characters on the show (except for maybe the McPoyle's) who are so disgusting, degraded and redneck. Frank is friends with them though, so as Mac and Charlie attempt to discover who the father is by inviting all of Dee's former lovers to a party, Frank invites the bridge people and a huge party ensues.

    Meanwhile, Dennis stays with Dee at the hospital and has to deal with Dee wandering around, not really caring at all about the baby. Both of them were hilarious, and by the time we get to the end of the episode, everybody has matured a little bit (VERY little) and just as it seems we're about to get a mushy cliche ending, the rug is pulled out from underneath us and we learn that Dee is a surrogate mother for the Tranny from the season premiere and previous episodes. What a great way to end the season and make it so a baby is not dragging the show down.

    Whoever says this was a bad episode or a bad season clearly has a massive disconnect from the world of comedy. This was one of Sunny's best seasons, and the way that the show was able to pull off something as overdone as pregnancy was great. We also got some gems along the way (The boat episode, Who Got Dee Pregnant, The Gang Gets Lost in the Woods etc.) Either way, next season should be awesome as well.moreless
  • Season 6 Finale

    Okay so this season definitely could have been better. I'm not saying Sunny has lost it's touch, or it isn't funny anymore. No, I just think that the it lost it's way this season a bit. Classic episodes were definitely hard to find this season, and there really was never an episode I was completely satisfied with. The first 3 seasons of this show and it was a different story. I think I always expect too much from this show, but this episode was still good regardless of the season as a whole.

    I definitely did not see the ending coming. It was a really great tie in to the season premiere, with the tranny and his lover. Dee being a surrogate was quite funny, and definitely unexpected. The "Who Got Dee Pregnant" arc this season definitely made the season somewhat interesting.

    Great way to utilize all the past guest characters. Sunny has done something like this before, but it was still really great to see, and the final scene was hilarious. Could have done without the obnoxious Subway product placement though. Good finale overall.moreless
  • dee gives birth

    The season finale of It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia and if there is one show that I thought would never result to the cliched child birth at the end of the season it would be this program.

    They tried to give us some twists, they tried to make it different, but in the end it was the exact same child birth drama that we get on every sitcom: the mother gets irrational, the baby's father is debatable, yada, yada, yada.

    The episode was not even really that funny, in fact it was borderline insulting to my intelligence. Just not a strong Sunny here.moreless
  • And so "Sunny" closes out one of their best years ever with a truly epic season finale - and the results are the best writtten episode I've seen in a while!moreless

    I've already put this review in the forums, but I can't let the only review of this episode be the one below me. Trust me when I say that if you're not a pretentious know it all and have any love at all for the characters and world of "Sunny", you're in for a treat! By bringing in EVERY guest star Dee had ever slept with (other than Michael Rosenbaum as he is, sadly, absent), the show did a wonderful job of actually convincing me that this was gonna be the end of an era, and that the gang would start growing up next season and still be hilarious but slightly more responsible - tho I guess I should have figured out this was not gonna be the case when Mac and Charlie started their "ram our beliefs down his throat" rant, but that truly is what parents do to their kids even if they don't realize it - so once again, kudos to the writers. Aside from the plot, the dialogue was hysterical. Dennis' "Thor" rant had me rolling. Mac and Charlie's interviews with the "candidates" were solid gold. And to top it all off, they bring in the trannie and her husband and bring this whole season full circle - which is reminiscent of my favorite finale "The Gang Dances Their Ass Off". Impressive season finale, gang! And a mostly impressive 6th season altogether (only real blemishes are "Mac and Charlie: White Trash" and "Mac's Mom Burns Her House Down", but they still had great moments in them). I REALLY hope that season 7 won't be the last tho, as this show has proven that it is far from out of outrageously awesome ideas. At least I got "Archer" coming back in a month or so to fill the void till next September!moreless
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