It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia

Season 6 Episode 2

Dennis Gets Divorced

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Sep 23, 2010 on FXX
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Dennis comes to the realization that marriage is not how he imagined it to be, and he wants out.

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    A funny and surprisingly charming episode of It's Always Sunny here tonight. The Dennis marriage was a nice little two episode arc, but I am glad that this is over. The show does not need another female character. Dee has found her comedic touch and is consistently one of the funniest women on television, something that was not the case a few years ago when the show started.

    Sunny is not the smartest show on TV, this episode will prove that beyond a shadow of a doubt, but you definitely will laugh when you watch it. Danny DeVito saying he's going to "make it rain"? Come on.moreless
  • Much better than last week

    Last week, I was initially a little disappointed with the way Season 6 began, but I have to say, the show did a great job in resolving the issues from last week without going too over the top. There were plenty of funny moments, classic lines and another appearance from one of my favorite characters on the show: the lawyer.

    The episode is exactly what the title says: Dennis gets a divorce. However, the road to that point is paved with many hilarious moments. For instance, the guys all go to a strip club, since Dennis never got a bachelor party, and we get typical Sunny gems, such as discussions on Mac's dance moves, trying to figure out how much money is needed to "make it rain," and Dennis confused at whether he should use "too" or "2" in a text to Maureen. From there, the show proves to us that six seasons isn't enough to make it stale. Dee continues to be hilarious, and her plot with Bill Ponderosa allows her to be outrageous and hilarious at the same time.

    Things get even crazier after Dennis asks for a divorce. Him and Mac get really drunk and berate her for her craft room and her dead tooth.. well, I don't want to ruin everything, because with It's Always Sunny, the best part of the show is being surprised by just how ridiculous the things the characters do and say are. Therefore, I'll leave you with this thought: the episode was much better than the premiere and was able to tie together the plots from the premiere fairly well.moreless
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    This really felt like Part 2 of the season premiere if anything else, they really should have aired both of these episodes as some sort of "one hour special" All plots that started in the last episode were resolved in this episode, and this episode was honestly funnier than the last one.

    We've got Dee getting screwed in the end, something that lets you know you're watching a good episode of It's Always Sunny. All the situations were absolutely hysterical. From Dee kidnapping Bill Ponderosa's kids to Dennis getting a divorce from Maureen, and ending up in debt. The plots always manage to be clever and spontaneous.

    The last episode sort of left things in the air, which is why I said that this really should have been part 2, I think the episodes are just better if the plots just end in the same episode it started, it's always worked for this show, and this episode a perfect example of that.

    A great episode overall, with clever humor, and hilarious scenes, can't wait for the rest of the episodes of season six.moreless
  • Marital Bliss - "Sunny" Style

    Though not advertised as such, this is part 2 of a continuing storyline began in last week's season premiere "Mac Fights Gay Marriage." So if you haven't seen it, watch it or you'll be pretty confused. With that said, part 1 was a decent episode/premiere, but part 2 is definitely the payoff! If only these 2 episodes could have aired together as the premiere...

    An incredible episode on par with "Kitten Mittens" from last season. I make the comparison because yet again, our favorite lawyer plays a part in the story, and financially rapes the gang even harder than he did last time! Although to be fair, the whole gang doesn't get screwed this time. Only Dennis. The rest of the gang screws themselves over with very little interference from anyone else. From Dee realizing she is the one person to not pay her high school crush, Bill Ponderosa for sex, to Mac and Dennis' post-bachelor party celebration that begins his divorce from Marie Ponderosa, to Charlie and Frank's "divorce" from their "marriage", to the return of the aforementioned lawyer AND the return of Charlie's hilariously creepy Uncle Jack who also happens to be a lawyer, this episode had me laughing out loud at nearly every turn! Just try to watch the last 5 minutes without laughing. "We're lawyers!" Priceless.moreless
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