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Sweet Dee Gets Audited - Official Discussion

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    You can discuss the episode here.

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    that was funny when they used a dead dog for the subsitute for Dee's baby being dead that was hilarious way to shaft those IRS bastards.
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    I have watched every single episode from season 1 all the way to season 8 and I remember every single line from them. Out of all 93 episodes, I must say that this was the episode that went completely over the line! I absolutely love it! Especially when Sweet Dee starts crying blood. But I must say that this episode definitely offended or made people very angry.

    The one thing that I think was over the top for Sunny was when Mac tips over the baby coffin to reveal Dee's dead baby Barnabas to just be a pile of rocks which actually turned out to be a dead dog. I think out of all the episodes I have watched, that was the one thing I think was too far.

    Even during an interview on Kaitlin Olson and Glenn Howerton I was watching, they asked if the show was going over the line and Kaitlin Olson just started talking about this episode. She was saying that this episode didn't cross the line for the cast but if she went after the show immediately right after the question was asked then it's obvious to say that this episode was their most over-the-top. Olson really did have a baby in real life so I think there was absolutely some internal conflicting issue she went through in order to maintain herself through this episode. Even though the baby picture used in the funeral was not her baby it clearly must have sparked some emotion. And she still did an amazing job being all paranoid and disastrous throughout this episode.

    Nevertheless, I found that the top parts of this episode had to be from Sweet Dee all around. At first she was all having fun and riding bikes (which to me is great because I love seeing how far her character has developed from season 1) into a constant sweating and disaster she quickly becomes in the episode. I also loved how Frank kept sponsoring the Wolf Cola to try to make it seem real. I laughed so hard when Frank interrupted Dennis' speech during the interview to give him the soda! And Dennis just goes along with it!

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