It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia

Season 7 Episode 3

Frank Reynolds' Little Beauties

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Sep 29, 2011 on FXX

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  • I haven't laughed this hard watching an "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia" episode in a long time.


    Synopsis (some spoilers): Frank happily volunteers to front the money for a beauty pageant and learns too late that (a) the pageant is for children and (b) his co-promoter is a diddler. The Gang decides to go through with the pageant anyway, after Charlie inspires them with a speech about how child pageants are quintessentially American. The rest of the episode is a fast-paced gagfest (in the best way) consisting of The Gang preparing children for the pageant, and the comically disastrous pageant itself. Dee takes a young wallflower under her wing and tries to help her win with a hilariously wrong song 'n dance about how mothers are a pain in the female anatomy. Charlie reprises his diva choreographer persona we all loved in "The Nightman Cometh." Dennis and Mac try to help a boy win the pageant by turning "Yankee Doodle Dandy" into something that would work at a rave. Frank spends most of the episode trying to convince everyone that he isn't a diddler, only to unintentionally reveal to the pageant audience that he's into something just/almost as bad.

    This was probably the most hyped episode of the season, and I must say the hype was deserved. The humor was fast-paced and reveled in the just-plain-wrongness of the Gang having anything to do with small children. Most of the humor came from members of the gang being their frank, vulgar selves around children, and the toxic combination of a child-friendly environment and these beautiful miscreants. Whereas the past two episodes resorted to some arguably desperate stunts for the sake of edginess (Charlie puking blood being the low point), this episode relied entirely on excellent characterization for laughs. Everyone was in top form, especially Frank in his fervent attempts to convince everyone that he's not a diddler (which just made him seem like a diddler) while revealing unwholesome tidbits ("My wife was a bitch, but I stayed with her," "I met him at a titty bar!") and Dee in her quest to become the overbearing stage mother she always wanted, being especially vulgar around the children. Charlie got to sing and dance (and, of course, go into his diva mode). Mac and Dennis' "anything worth doing is worth overdoing" approach to life also got its moment in the sun. True to "Sunny" form, this episode revolved around the gang having perfectly good intentions and screwing up - to great comic effect - due to everyone's inability to function as members of a civil society.

    Especially since the past two episodeswent to drastic extremes in order to shock the audience (puking blood,guest characters dying in grisly ways, the Under the Boardwalk scene that was still so funny that I have no beef with the show for scarring me for life), it's nice to see the show get back to basics and have the proceedings revolve around character-based humor. Sick, kickass character-based humor.

    Judging by the past few episodes, I'd say that season 7 is going to be defined by having a faster pace than its predecessors. While some might lament any sort of change, I like what I'm seeing so far, on the whole. The trademark dark humor is getting darker if anything, which should work so long as thecharacterization remains on point, as it was inthis episode.

  • The gang holds a beauty pageant... and they're NOT diddlers.


    I don't care if I'm over-rating this episode. It was funnier than the previous two episodes, it had classic songs created by the gang, it had their typicalnarcissismand was filled with little moments throughout that kept me laughing the whole time. Mark this one down as a success.

    The thing I like the most about these characters is regardless of how horrible they are and how lazy they are with their lives, when they want to accomplish something, they absolutely can. They know exactly how to set things up to be a success, and the only reason they can't follow through is their egos get in the way. This episode, along with "The Nightman Cometh" and "The Gang Wrestles For The Troops," are perfect examples of this.

    The episode followed Frank as he invested in a beauty pageant, expecting to see hot women in bikinis. Instead, he learns he invested with a "diddler," a.k.a a child molester, and now, he's worried that everyone will think he's a child molester. Hence, we get the gang attempting to put a legitimate child pageant on. But according to Charlie, "child pageantry is at the heart of America," and what begins as a ploy to make Frank be out to be a good guy and not a "diddler" ends up as a way for the gang to show how awesome they are at singing, dancing, performing and everything else.

    Dee stole the show here, I must say. Her giant rant to the little girl about her mom was a "dumb fat cow," along with a slew of other swears I can't write on this website, and the way she was obsessed with proving that she is still beautiful was classic Dee. Also, Danny DeVito really shined here. Sometimes, I hate the way Danny DeVito acts on the show... it feels like they keep him around mostly out of being friendly, because he sometimes doesn't act at the same quality as the rest of the actors, but he was great here. Don't get me wrong, I love Frank. Sometimes though, it seems like the writers don't know how to use him.

    But regardless of this episode stands up well compared to the past seasons, I loved this one for what it was: an episode with some great jokes and Charlie singing.

  • "Frank Reynolds' Little Beauties"


    May contain small Spoilers

    Before I start the review I'd like to say that this is one of the best Cold Opens the show has ever done which is why is why im not gonna spoil it in this review.

    The opening isn't not the only good thing about this episode though, pretty much everything is. This is one of those episodes where the gang try's to put on a show but like most things the gang does it doesn't go according to plan "The Night Man Cometh", and "The Gang Wrestles for the Troops".You would think that this being the third one that it would get old at this point. If you thought that you'd be wrong though because this is as good as those episodes if not better.

    Throughout this episode Frank is trying to not come off as a "Diddler" which doesn't make him come off as a diddler but makes comes off as something worse by the end of the episode. But rest assured this is a classic episode of sunny which we haven't had so far this season even though the other two (mostly the premiere) were great.

    Favorite Parts of this episode: Frank killed this episode, he really had most of the funniest lines, Id go as far as saying this is the best frank episode in the series easily beating "The Gang Gives Frank an Intervention", and the Season 7 premiere "Frank's Pretty Woman". This episode also had some really good child actors. Finally, it's good to see a episode this good without the gang having to split up so much.

  • 703


    Another episode involving the gang at the local gymnasium on stage doing a show. Another episode featuring Artemis. Yeah, this pretty much had all of the makings of a disastrous episode and it was. While I laughed at a few things you had a really lame plot here tonight, and a poorly written show with few jokes and more head scratching moments than anything. Mediocre episode at best.