It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia

Season 7 Episode 1

Frank's Pretty Woman

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Sep 15, 2011 on FXX

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  • "Frank's Pretty Woman"


    Sunny is back with the best premiere they've had in years! First off Id like to start off by saying this episode is a 8.8 but I only know how to do a 8.5-9 (SPOILER ALERT!!!!) After a pretty disappointing sixth season sunny is back. But im not gonna lie something felt off about this episode. OK this episode opens with Dee and Charlie trying to buy a dog for the bar because last time Dennis bought a junk yard cat. They fail at that instantly then Frank walks through the door with some random woman. Dennis says "That woman seems like a prostitute" Frank says something along the lines of "That's because she is im gonna marry that whore" CUE MUSIC. This episode is broken up into 3 story lines. The A story is Charlie trying to find frank a normal woman, The b story is macs fatness, the C story weirdly is the Dee and Roxie storyline which I kind thought would be the A story line but whatever. This is definitely a Great episode of sunny but it was just different. But this difference isn't necessarily bad, The Gang is getting older and it seems that may be the theme of this season with mac getting fat and Dennis still wanting to be 20. In most shows during the last half of seasons they do, characters lives just keep getting better, that doesn't make sense for "sunny", things have to get worse.

    My favorite part of the episode is obviously Charlie throwing up blood all over that woman while frank still talks about his egg story, Now on any other show that would be a horrifying thing but on this show is kind of isn't. Charlie really wanted this thing to work for Frank and it didn't work out in the worst way possible.

    My least favorite part of the episode was how little Roxy was used in the episode because she definitely had some of the funniest lines.

  • It's not always that funny in philly...


    After watching tonights episode I must agree with the below post, all the right elements were in tonights show but none of it seemed that funny or meshed right.

    Eveyone was over shadowed by how 'Roxy' a one shot character provided most of all the four or five real chuckles through out the episode; although mac being fat, dennis wanting more crack, and dee becoming a foot whore did seem intrinsic to the shows dynamic and characters.

    All in all this episode didn't jump the shark, instead it puked blood all over it, blood filled crack and dick skin jokes on the side.

    My final thought is not to give up on are favorite crew, just let them know they need to get back to writing the scripts completely themselves, then have the writing staff pitch more jokes. Not the other way around.

    P.S. Archer on the other hand kicked ass!

  • 701


    I think we would all agree that Sunny has slipped a bit in recent years, but despite that we could still rely on it for a few laughs. Not really anymore though if this episode was any indication. The dia-bet-ees gag was kind of funny and there were a few select lines here and there, but they are just trying too hard to be edgy and they kind of failed in that regard, because throwing up on someone is Nickelodeon-esque, not edgy.

    It was not terrible, but given that the show will be on for three more years, the future is not looking too promising for this show.