It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia

Season 1 Episode 5

Gun Fever

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Aug 30, 2005 on FXX
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Dennis and Mac decide to purchase a gun after the bar’s safe is stolen. Believing that the police isn’t doing anything to solve the crime, the two set out with their new firearm to capture the thief. Behind on the rent payment, Charlie receives a visit from his enraged landlord. Even though she doesn’t like guns, Dee feigns an interest in them to impress her new boyfriend, Colin.moreless

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  • #1 Sunny Fan Review: #67

    I feel like this episode is completely forgotten by RCG now. The presence of guns in the bar doesn't matter at all now (mostly because of Frank). I think this episode was done really good but can be shown as unimportant to the core series. I really liked how this episode was one of the first episodes that really developed everyone's feelings toward each other (they have none).
  • The power of holding a gun

    Out of all the episodes in the 1st season, this is probably the least offensive (FYI, when I say offensive, I mean it in a risky topic way. I love that they push these topics, it differs themselves from other shows). The Gang gets robbed so Mac & Dennis decide to buy a gun. I'm not sure who to pick for an all-star this week, but I guess it's Charlie because of his scenes with the rent guy. The gun is the power in the bar and it's hilarious how the gang uses it throughout the episode. Dee dates a guy who they think is a suspect, Mac & Dennis try to break down the case, and Charlie needs to deal with his rent. A good episode that really brought the gang's obsession with the gun to a funny conclusion.moreless
  • 105

    An amazing episode of It's Always Sunny, I honestly don't see how this show doesn't have more viewers. An underrated future cult classic is an understatement. The group dynamic was great here, and the climax of the episode was exciting and intriguing, not one dull moment.

    Playing with guns, another controversial topic dealt with in a hilarious manner. Michael Rosenbaum really was great on this episode, he helped this episode shine and be memorable for what it is, a great episode. The best part of this episode was definitely when Dennis shot Charlie, that was absolutely hilarious.

    We also got a very surprising ending in all places, from Charlie being the one that was stealing from the bar, to it also being Colin, who the gang suspected in the first place. Not a disappointing episode of It's Always Sunny, and I doubt there will be one in this show's course. Great episode.moreless
  • Has to be seen to be believed!

    Upon learning that the bar's safe has been stolen, the gang decides to take matters into their own hands and buy a gun., being that the local cops are of no help. Shortly thereafter "gun fever" strikes, bringing out even more insanity in Dennis and Mac, who vow to catch the thief. Charlie is extremely behind on his rent payments, and his landlord is driving Charlie crazy. To turn the tables on her, the inner-tough guy in Charlie is revealed, as he uses the gun to intimidate his nagging landlord in the hopes she'll leave him alone. Again, I cannot begin to tell you exactly how funny and how wonderful this show is! You gotta watch it!moreless
  • In this episode of Sunny, the bar gets robbed and the gang decides to purchase a gun. Mac and Dennis then decided to find out who robbed them and believe it is Dee's new boyfriend.moreless

    After being robbed of their small safe and the cops can't help them, the gang decides to get a gun. However, the "gun fever" gets the best of the them and they can't put the thing down. Charlie even uses it to intimidate his landlord. Mac and Dennis decide to do some detective work and figure out that the true robber is Dee's boyfriend Colin, played by Michael Rosenbaum (Smallville). When they set up a sting on him, the actual robber that night turns out to be Charlie, who needs money for rent. Dennis shoots him in the head ... only a gaze though. The episode ends with Colin robbing the bar again while the gang is at the hospital.

    I really enjoyed this episode, even though it wasn't a laugh a minute one-line script like most of them. The part I found the most hysterical was the parts with Charlie and his landlord, Mr. Hwang. The rest of the episode's humor was mainly situational, but it played well with the theme of the episode. It was good to see Rosenbaum in a role other than Lex Luthor and, being a fan of his work on Smallville, I really enjoyed his guest starring in this episode.moreless

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