It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia

Season 7 Episode 10

How Mac Got Fat

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Nov 17, 2011 on FXX

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  • Mac tells a priest about how he got fat.


    If there's one thing that has let me down about this season, it's Mac and how little he's been used. I was excited when I heard about his plan to gain fifty pounds and be fat for Season 7, but I suppose I was a bit premature in my excitement. Right now, I just miss good ol' weight-lifting, vain, karate-obsessed Mac. And luckily, that is exactly what we get with this episode (which must've been filmed between Season 6 and 7).

    The episode is the tale of what lead Mac to gain so much weight. He delivers the story to a priest, and for twenty minutes, he tells about how six weeks before the Season 7 premiere, Paddy's Pub got extremely busy and popular. The gang described it as "the tipping point," which according to Mac, means they've been doing things right for so long that everything is going in their favor now. As a result, everyone tries to take what they consider their strengths and amplify it to the tenth degree. This means Dennis becomes more vain and self-conscious, Dee becomes more driven to do comedy, Charlie is still the wild card and sort of does random stuff, including bartending, while Mac tries to bulk up. The gang does this and forgets to do their job, which means yet another plan. However, while Mac bulks up and gains weight for the plan, he forgets to actually work out. At the same time, the gang abandons their plan, meaning Mac gained weight for nothing.

    I can't recall who wrote the episode but whoever did got right to the heart of what this show does best. Mac was hilarious, whether it was him crossing out the continents on the map or his obsession with the "beefcake." I also liked Charlie and Frank's weird back and forth arguments and Frank's weird obsession with hitting people with sticks and wanting to blow up small animals. Classic Sunny all the way.