It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia

Season 6 Episode 5

Mac and Charlie: White Trash

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Oct 14, 2010 on FXX
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Rejected from a pool club, Mac and Charlie set out fix an abandoned pool to help cope with the Philly heat wave. Meanwhile, Dennis and Dee go about dealing with the heat in a different way.

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  • swimming

    There were some funny moments here, such as when Mac and Charlie realized that they had no way of getting out of the pool, but the whole thing just felt very forced and a bit too sitcommy, for this show. That scene at the end with them dancing around the fire hydrant? Really?

    I liked Dee saying the guy's shirt didn't even fit, but that is really what this show has become: a few good lines that are worth repeating every week, but not a great half hour of comedy as a whole by a long shot.

    And I do not want to see a shirtless Frank ever again.moreless
  • Awesome.

    This may not have been everybody's favorite episode, and it wasn't mine necessarily, but I was laughing at a good portion of the episode. Whether it was Mac and Charlie getting plastered before they even get to the private pool or Frank buttering up a watermelon, there was so many random things and hilarious quotes in the 20 minutes that I can't help but deem it one of the better episodes this season.

    As usual, the plot is simple to summarize: Mac and Charlie aren't allowed into a private pool because they're "at capacity" (every time that phrase is used, it gets funnier and funnier) so they decide to attempt to fix up an old empty pool into a new one so they can have fun. It's sort of like the boat episode, except they don't actually succeed in buying the materials to fix it up. Instead, Mac and Charlie get stuck in the bottom and get into all sorts of ridiculous antics.

    As for Dee and Dennis and Frank, they also cannot get into the private pool, so they decide to go to a public pool, which is basically a cesspool where there's broken glass in the shallow end, people wearing sneakers and men who will trade their towels for hot dogs. Hilarious. Certainly not classy, but hilarious nonetheless.

    I wouldn't want to ruin the outcome, but I must say, there were a lot of gags this week that worked well. The Jamie Nelson boy who died in the pool lead to some great scenes for Mac and Charlie, and the return of Dennis' short shorts from the Season 4 episode of the Extreme Home Makeover episode was great. Overall, there was just a lot of things clicking here, as opposed to the first two episodes this season, which were by far the biggest duds to date. I'm glad to see the show getting back on track.moreless
  • "Mac and Charlie: White Trash"

    I give this episode a 8.8 but the closest I could choose was a 9. OK anyway this episode wasn't as good as last weeks but still was pretty funny. This episode opened with Mac and Charlie trying to get in a swim club but they cant because it is at capacity. Mac thinks its because they are lower class and since they cant get into that swim club they now want to fix up there childhood pool. Dennis and Dee don't want to help because they consider themselves very high class, and could of got into that swim club. Frank however doesn't believe in class because he lives on the Fringe. I'm not going to spoil too much but rest assured that for fans of the show this is a good episode of Sunny but probably won't be as funny for first time viewers.

    Spoilers below!!!

    Favorite Quotes of the episode:

    Dee: That little girl just jumped in with her sneakers on!

    Dennis: These people all have sneakers on.

    Mac:Dont call me white trash those shorts are white trash!

    Charlie: Dont call these shorts white trash! Dennis told me about these shorts. Look! Look what i can do!

    *Does Splits(sort of)*

    Charlie: What is white trash about that? Don't call me white Trash!

    Mac: I feel like if i had that kind of mobility id be capable of just about anything.moreless
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Susan Leslie

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