It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia

Season 5 Episode 11

Mac and Charlie Write a Movie

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Dec 03, 2009 on FXX
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Episode Summary

When Mac and Charlie learn that Dee has gotten a part in M. Night Shyamalan's next film, the two see this as a perfect opportunity to pitch their screenplay.

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  • Crime stinks! The Smell of Penetration.

    I don't know if it was Charlie's truly awful movie pitches or ideas for twists or if it was Frank eating sausage links out of his pocket, this episode just had me laughing the entire time. So many great moments in this episode, and for a show that sometimes gets a little lazy on finishing up plots and tying up the storylines, they did a pretty good job at bringing everything together. This truly was an episode filled with Shamalynian (and somewhat Larry David-ian) twists. And when I say Larry David, I simply mean the plots were tied together well.

    Charlie was my favorite of the night, talking about how the twist of the Sixth Sense was the fact that Bruce Willis was the guy in the hairpiece the whole time, or whether he thought Dolph Lundgren should be running around like a hound. Mac's reactions to his stupid ideas were equally funny. In fact, everybody had great moments, although Frank sometimes doesn't seem to mesh well. It's not that he's a bad actor, but it sometimes feels like they don't have too much for him to do.

    But Dee and Dennis were also great. I really liked how Dennis was quiet the whole episode, and all of a sudden, he starts bursting out near the end. It was a great way to take his cell phone plot and turn it into something more than him just being into his cell phone.. because there's no way he has that many people to talk to.

    Definitely one of the best this season. So far, I'm just amazed at how well Its Always Sunny is doing five seasons in. It hasn't gotten tired at all and has been hilarious all the way through.moreless
  • This is definitely my least favorite episode of this show that I've seen.

    It wasn't bad. It was ok. I watched it for a second time today thinking I may be able to catch some new things to laugh about the second time around. I didn't. Dee was being too arrogant for my liking, trying to be a star even though she was an extra. It was a bit painful to watch. Dennis being all into his cell phone just reminded me of my friends who get way too into texting. I think too much time was wasted listening to Mac and Charlie talking about a movie idea. The episode wasn't obnoxious enough. Not once did anybody get into trouble during this entire episode. When Charlie, Mac, Frank, and Dennis were in a trailer discussing the ideas, you can all bet they weren't authorized to be there. It would've made for a funny scene if the person who had that trailer were to come in and start an altercation with the guys. The funniest thing about that episode was Frank being about the most worthless agent I've ever seen. Overall, this episode just kinda sucked.moreless
  • Wasted potential.

    The premise for this episode should have been good (Charlie and Mac writing a movie). Charlie and Mac really do not get too many scenes nowadays with just the two of them, so this should have been extra special because of that. But it was just not that well-written.

    There wasn't a particular line throughout that was really funny, it was more the cast's mannerisms and responses to each other's behavior that made me laugh. Remember the old days when Sunny was full of excellent banter? That seems like so long ago.

    I laughed during this episode, but it definitely could have been better.moreless

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