It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia

Season 4 Episode 1

Mac and Dennis: Manhunters

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Sep 18, 2008 on FXX
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Episode Summary

After Charlie and Dee unknowingly eat some of Frank's human meat, the two develop an insatiable hunger for it. Meanwhile, Mac and Dennis get into sport hunting and go after what some might consider to be the most dangerous animal in the world.

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  • Disappointing first season.

    Offensive, creative, groundbreaking, innovative and pushing the limit are the kinds of words you might use to describe It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia.

    Unfortunately this episode featured some concepts already utilized in comedy. The idea of hunting actual people was used in Wedding Crashers, and trying to eat someone was done in Seinfeld when Newman tried to eat Kramer.

    The show definitely jumped the shark in this edition. There were only a few jokes such as Frank as Rambo and the gorilla mask that were actually funny. Charlie Day and Kaitlin Olsen's lack of acting skills was apparent here, and Mac and Dennis just weren't as funny as they used to be.

    It looks like It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia might be heading downhill.moreless
  • The first sign of Its Always Sunny creating plots that are just completely ridiculous and unbelievable

    In the first three seasons of Its Always Sunny, the writers always tried (emphasis on tried) to create plots that are relevant to what was going on in the world and could be considered somewhat realistic.. almost like something your idiot friends would do after a few beers and too much free time. However, I think this episode shows a new direction for the show. As idiotic as the plot itself seems (Charlie and Dee think they're eating human meat and resort fo cannabalism, while Mac and Dennis decide to hunt men), it was actually pretty funny. When you think about it, Seinfeld involved the characters doing some pretty ridiculous, over the top unbelievable things (just look at Kramer..) Its Always Sunny just seems to be able to go over the top and THEN some because they're on cable

    The episode had some pretty funny gags. Frank mixing his life up with Rambo's, Charlie and Dee contemplating if they're racist if they want to eat a dead white guy instead of a dead black guy, Charlie saying he "licked a cat's fanny," even Dennis' hard nipples. It was just a fast paced, silly episode that definitely followed through with the laughs.

    That being said, Charlie and Dee are dumb, but not dumb enough to suddenly become cannibals. It'd make sense if they had a tapeworm, like Frank said, but it was just a little strange for them to really believe they were cannibals.

    It's Always Sunny is one of those shows that's impossible to laugh at. It's come a long way from the first season, and it really has become one of TV's best comedies.moreless
  • cannabalism and pulling off the oppposite reason to wear camo....mediocre story line but love when dee gets addicted to anything...

    Great Episode but there have been much better. I put the show up on such a high pedestal of how great it is I can only get slightly dissappointed at this premiere. Each season has only gotten exponentially better so only have more hopes for the rest of the season. Anything Charlie says or does is hilarious regardless! Cricket comes back but didn't like how Dee is still the reason to get him to do ANYthing. Frank needs to say "whore" pretty much every episode somehow. The rest of the guys are geniuses and they're new show on Fox should be just as good minus the curse words.moreless
  • Not the way I'd open the season but not disappointed!

    As always, the Sunny cast always providing the laughs although this particular storyline doesn't quite leave me wanting more of the same. Manhunters? I mean the same old, same old with the gang chasing and torturing Rickety Cricket to no end and some how it always gets back on them. If I remember we ended last season with a Cricket episode so was looking for something a little different.

    On the positive though, it looks as though with the next episode and the one coming next week that the story lines will freshen up so that has me looking forward to more. So I give this and overall 8 but I don't see there being too many more of those lows.

    Welcome back Sunny!moreless
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David Hornsby


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Michael Blaiklock

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


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  • QUOTES (16)

    • Charlie: Monkeys are like nature's humans.

    • Mac: You put your balls in my mouth while I was sleeping?
      Dennis: Yeah, man, twice.
      Mac: That's rape.
      Dennis: Yeah, I know.
      Mac: That is borderline rape.

    • Dee: Oh, Charlie, oh, I wanted to eat that lady so bad.
      Charlie: I did, too. I did, too.

    • Charlie: Cannibalism? Racism, Dee? Th--That's not for us. You know, those are the decision that are best left to the suits in Washington, okay? We're just here to eat some dude.

    • Dennis: (to Cricket) It's just you and us and a couple pairs of sour sweaty balls.

    • Dennis: I'm so excited-- feel my nips.
      Mac: Holy smokes!
      Dennis: They're, like, super hard, right?
      Mac: Whoo! You could cut glass with these bad boys.

    • Dennis: I'm sticking with the tea-bagging.
      Mac: But tea-bagging doesn't even leave a mark!
      Dennis: Well, fine, I'll dip my nuts in ink or something and then put it in his mouth-- that make you happy?
      Mac: Well... Yeah, actually, I think that's a pretty good idea.

    • Dennis: Yeah, but where are we supposed to get that many pubes, man?
      Mac: We shave.
      Dennis: Well, that's gonna be a problem-- I laser. It's like a turtle shell down there.
      Mac: What?

    • Mac: Hunting is awesome, Dennis!
      Dennis: Yeah.
      Mac: You get to wear sweet clothes and get wasted all day.
      Dennis: It's just like our normal lives, except at the end of it we get to put our nuts in some dude's mouth.

    • Dee: I don't think I can eat this guy.
      Charlie: No, I don't think I can, right? What is that?
      Dee: I don't... I don't know.
      Charlie: It's not because he's black, though, right?

    • Frank: What is it with you people? I mean, you guys are always touching each other's nipples, putting your balls in each other's mouths.
      (Mac starts laughing)
      Dennis: Yeah, it's fun.
      Mac: It's funny.

    • Charlie: Dee and I cooked up a great steak. Frank's got, like, this whole fridge full of these delicious meats that I've been stealing. And you guys want to try some of this?
      Dennis: Someone who sweats as much as you should not work with food.

    • Dennis: I think that hunting a man would be the only true test of a good hunter.
      Frank: Oh, yeah? I was hunted once. I just came back from Nam. I was hitching through Oregon and some cop started harassing me. Next thing you know, I had a whole army of cops chasing me through the woods. I had to take 'em all out. It was a bloodbath.
      Charlie: That's Rambo, dude.

    • Charlie: Like, you get one taste of delicious, delicious human meat, none of this stuff ever satisfies you ever again for the rest of your life.
      Dee: 'Kay, now I think that you're overreacting, okay?
      Charlie: Oh, really?
      Dee: Yeah. That's stupid.
      Charlie: Is that stupid?! Oh, I'm sorry, Dee. Well, then I guess Jaws IV is stupid.

    • Dee: Mac, grab us some beers.
      Mac: Bite my bird.

    • Charlie: I ate (beep) monkey, Dee!

  • NOTES (1)


    • Charlie: That's Rambo, dude.

      As Charlie and the rest of the guys point pointed out, Frank was describing his life in the way of the fictional character, John Rambo. Believing the events of the 1982 film First Blood happened to him.