It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia

Season 2 Episode 4

Mac Bangs Dennis' Mom

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Jul 06, 2006 on FXX
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Episode Summary

Barbara hooks up with Mac to make Frank jealous, which leads to retaliation from Dennis.

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  • #1 Sunny Fan Review: #54

    I liked how there was so much crying in this one. The first of the "Mac Bangs episodes". I watch this differently because I watched it with the commentary so I noticed everything RCG was talking about. I really liked this one, but out of 8 seasons (being early 2013 as of time of writing), it's not going to stick out more than those. It really created lots of other stories in the series such as The Waitress banging Frank, Mac having a weird obsession with older women especially those in Dennis and Dee's family. I found it amusing.moreless
  • Pretty good. But not the best.

    I watch a lot of television, and there's some shows that just scream "WATCH ME". This is not one of them. While there are some funny bits, sometimes it tries too hard to be !!funny!! and just isn't. But I'll probably continue watching it, at least this season. I like Dennis and Dee, although Danny DeVito...ugh...also the mom. Charlie and Mac sometimes seem superfluous. The show jumps around too much...although there are connections between episodes, there are a lot of things unanswered, such as how did D&D get over their crack addiction, whatever happened to the Jewish guy who 'owned' the bar, how come they never got in trouble over the Jihad Tape and where's the dog now, because I didn't notice him when Mac was quote "banging Dennis' mom". The best thing in the show is the interplay between Dennis, Dee, Charlie, and Mac...without Danny DeVito around.moreless
  • Just what the title says: Mac bangs Dennis\\\'mom. Charlie doesn\\\'t want Dennis to bang his ex, so he uses Mac in his plan to get revenge on Dennis for blackmailing him. Dee also becomes a pawn in his plan.moreless

    This was a hilarious episode of \\\'Sunny\\\'. I haven\\\'t seen a bad episode of Sunny yet, and it looks like there is only more funny sunnys to come. I got a kick out of watching Dennis try sedusing Mac\\\'s mom to get revenge on him for banging his mom. It only got funnier to see Dee showing the waitress what a sick person Dennis is as he did these disgusting things. A repeat of the events happened as Dennis went after Charlie\\\'s mom. The waitress was only getting worse and worse on her view on Dennis. I won\\\'t say anymore, because the fun of this show is to see the clever plots unfold. A must see!moreless

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (1)

    • On the DVD commentary, the creators say that they went on location in Philadelphia to shoot many of the exterior shots in the episode. Rob McElhenney says that the red house used as Mac's house actually belongs to his Aunt and Uncle in Philadelphia. He also says that the white house to the right of Mac's house (which can be seen in the long shots) is the house that he grew up in.

  • QUOTES (3)

    • Dennis: I'm going to kill him!
      Charlie: Wait, wait, wait. What are you going to do, punch him in the face, throw him, going to maybe work the body a little? That's not going to help. No, no, it's not going to help. I'll tell you why. It doesn't unbang your mom.

    • Dee: I am not having sex with you, Charlie.
      Charlie: No, it's not sex I want from you. It's sex I don't want from Dennis!

    • Waitress: I'm going to stab him. I'm going to stab his face off!

  • NOTES (2)

    • The classical piece played in the background in the scene when Dennis enters the bar after being phoned by Charlie is Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy by Pyotr Il'yich Tchaikovsky from the The Nutcracker ballet.

    • Danny DeVito's real life daughter, Lucy DeVito guest starred as Jenny, the restaurant waitress.