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It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia

Season 4 Episode 4

Mac's Banging the Waitress

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Sep 25, 2008 on FXX
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Episode Summary

Charlie wants Mac to beat up the Waitress's new boyfriend, but what he doesn't know is that his friend is the one who's seeing her. A hurt Dennis tries to convince Charlie that he is the true best friend after the title was bestowed to Mac.

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  • Out of Character, and convoluted script

    I felt like the dynamic between Charlie and Dennis in this episode was pretty strange. The way Dennis desperately wanted Charlie to be his best friend and Charlie was cold to him. It was kind of funny, but it seemed out of character. I realize the characters are malleable on this show, but I felt like this was a little too far out of character. The part where Charlie drank 24 beers was hilarious though.

    I also felt like the whole episode was a bit convoluted, with Mac dating the waitress and all the revenge etc etc. It just didn't click with me, it wasn't that interesting.moreless
  • Best of the season so far.. probably will go down as a season classic.

    This episode really had all of the classic elements for a great Its Always Sunny episode: a simple plot (Mac's banging the waitress, and the three guys fight over each other's friendship), some great stand-alone moments (Charlie drinking 24 beers and peeing himself, the whole plot at the end where it sounds as if Mac is gay for Charlie) and Mac doing his usual attempts to be tough and show off. In fact, the way the beginning and end complimented each other was great.

    As I said before, there were plenty of individual moments that stood out. Watching Dennis, Mac and Charlie creepily try to become the "best friend" of the group was hysterical, and Mac's feeble attempts to get laid by the waitress were funny as well.

    I sort of wish Dee was there, only because she's been so great this season, but it was nice to see an episode without Danny DeVito. Not that there's anything wrong with him, but it's cool to see the show returning to its roots, which is three awful guys who get themselves into stupid situations.moreless
  • The Waitress uses Mac to get sex tapes back from Dennis. Dennis is envious of Mac and Charlie being best friends.

    To ammend the above review, this episode really wasn't confusing at all. Mac isn't pretending to go and beat someone up so that Charlie doesn't find out that it is he himself that is the guy that Charlie want's him to beat up. The Waitress is simply manipulating Mac with promises of sex in order to get the sex tapes that she made with Dennis and Frank. I don't really see what was so confusing about the episode to the above reviewer because it was relatively straightforward. There might be some specific logic issues but nothing that confusing if you ask me. Anyway, apart from all that, this episode was freaking funny. Indeed, when Dennis says "Over and out", I crack up every time. There's something about the shots inside the apartment that I just really liked. They don't often shoot inside Dennis & Mac's apartment at night, so it was cool to see it because it was large and allowed for some really funny situations. Dennis's envy over Charlie calling Mac his best friend provides for some very funny subtrefuge. His envy is only exceeded by the fact that he actually convinces Charlie to turn by the end of the episode, in classic Dennis "I always win" fashion. This was another example of the balance of this season. The lesser episodes have really been some of the least funny of the series, but that's not really saying much because even those episodes provide more laughs than the best episodes of many comedies. But, the best episodes this season are easily some of the best of the series period. This is an absolutely perfect episode, and it rolls along without a hitch. Note, Dea and Frank aren't in this one, and the episode really runs very smoothly without them, maybe even more smoothly than normal because the focus is concentrated on the three guys for the most part. It provided a nice change of pace. All in all, the shots in Dennis' apartment, the focus on only Charlie, Dennis, Mac, with the make as the secondary character, and Dennis' scheming and bending Charlie, this was a very special episode.moreless
  • Mac tries to sleep with the waitress to get back at Charlie.

    It seems like when the stars of It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia do not pen an episode we get better results. With David Hornsby writing we saw the best episode of Season 4 by a landslide. The Mac being a "bad-ass" tapes seemed like a blatant rip-off of Reno 911! but pretty much the rest of the episode was superb.

    Dennis was on top of his game growing obsessive over wanting to be declared Charlie's best friend. While his responses to the rest of the gang trying to compliment themselves are usually his top lines, he was excellent in this out of character role. Mac and Charlie were also great here to. The scene with Charlie after consuming 24 beers was absolutely priceless and will go down as a defining moment in the series' history.

    So for all the hate I have displayed on Season 4 thus far in its run it was disspelled by this edition.moreless
  • This episode hit high on the funny-meter, but the plot didn't seem to agree with itself.

    This episode was really funny, especially at the beginning when Dennis is trying to tempt Charlie away. I screamed when Dennis said "over and out" to Charlie. The banter between all three of the guys was definitely in peak form.

    I'm not sure I understand the nature of the relationship between Mac and the Waitress. At first it seems like they are dating, and it's not just the episode description on my digital cable that suggests this. The cold opening makes it definitely seem like Charlie has found out the Waitress is dating somebody and Mac then goes to the Waitress to tell her Charlie knows something.

    Then for no reason, they're not dating, they haven't had sex yet, and apparently they have some sort of agreement for sex. But none of this is established. Anywhere. And even after the cold opening Mac was still supposedly going out to beat up the guy who was now dating the waitress. And why was Mac late getting home if he didn't spend that time banging the waitress, when later it is revealed they haven't had sex yet.

    It doesn't make sense, and yet it doesn't seem to matter much, the characters were all dead on and the episode was hilarious. Good to see season 4 has more laughs than last year.moreless

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


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  • QUOTES (11)

    • Waitress: Why are these jeans so tight?
      Mac: Because Dennis takes them all in at the thighs to accentuate his female form.

    • Waitress: Thank you, Charlie. Thanks.
      Charlie: You're welcome.
      Waitress: Kind of don't know what else to say.
      Charlie: Say, "I will have dinner with you and thank you for this, and thank you."

    • Dennis: You're watching my tapes again?
      Mac: Yeah.
      Dennis: What'd you think?
      Mac: You got weird balls.
      Dennis: Hm.
      Charlie: You should see Frank's balls. They're like planets.

    • Dennis: You know to be honest with you, man. I'm a little shocked. I'm kind of... I'm thunderstruck.
      Charlie: Uh, well, I'm sorry, man, but you know, I didn't mean to hurt you. I didn't mean to thunderstrike you.

    • Charlie: Hey guys, if I'm peeing, wake me up.

    • Dennis: Lets have a board game night. Chinese checkers, I got, um...
      Charlie: Well, that's kind of foreign to me.
      Dennis: I got... I got Clue, you know, we could solve a mystery together. We could...
      Charlie: Complicated stuff there.
      Dennis: What about Connect Four? Connect Four's a fun game.
      Charlie: I don't like counting.

    • Dennis: (to Charlie) You need to hear him sexing her, okay?

    • Charlie: You make contact with the target?
      Mac: Yeah, affirmative. I totally kicked his ass.
      Charlie: Good man! Hey, um, what was his name?
      Mac: His name... um... Don.
      Charlie: Don, typical. Did you get a last name on this chump?
      Mac: Yeah, Johnson.

    • Charlie: What are you doing?
      Mac: Huh?
      Charlie: I said, what are you doing?
      Dennis: Coming in here, talking about how in love with my thighs you are.
      Charlie: Yeah, or is my creamy thighs you're after. I see you've taken to wearing my clothes, you sick freak.
      Dennis: Come on, you heard him talking about my thighs when he came in.
      Charlie: It was my thighs, dude. It's always been my thighs.

    • Mac: I worked so hard on those tapes
      Dennis: Why?
      Mac: Hmm?
      Dennis: Why?
      Mac: To show how badass I am.

    • Dennis: Something stinks here, bro, and it is not just Mac's dirty socks.
      Charlie: They do stink, don't they?
      Dennis: They smell really bad.
      Charlie: Really bad.

  • NOTES (2)

    • "Here I Go Again" by Whitesnake is the song heard during Mac's installments of Project Badass, and in the end credits. It is off the album, Whitesnake.

    • Kaitlin Olson and Danny DeVito aren't in this episode. This marks the first time where one of the show's original cast members doesn't appear in an episode.