It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia

Season 6 Episode 4

Mac's Big Break

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Oct 07, 2010 on FXX
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After correctly answering a radio trivia question, Mac finally makes it big. Meanwhile, the Reynolds start their own internet podcast.

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  • sunny

    Okay, this show is really becoming a two-faced monster, a tale of two verdicts if you will. I have discovered that one of the storylines every week is going to be good and the other is going to be stupid.

    I laughed at a few lines from the podcast scenes, but as a whole they were just dumb. Dennis was actually acting very much like his Attack of the Show clone Kevin Pereira here, but Danny DeVito just continues to embarrass himself on the show.

    The Mac and Charlie scenes were good though and it is nice to see these two together again. No need to continually have Charlie and Frank being reckless every week.moreless
  • "Mac's Big Break"

    It's really good to have 3 great episodes in a row. This week I wasn't really expecting this episode to be as good as the gang buys a boat but it was still very close. The episode opened with Mac and Charlie trying to win a contest to go to a radio show beach house by searching the answer on the computer. Ultimately Charlie couldn't find the "H" key and then Mac guesses the right answer. Dennis and Dee decided to start a podcast because they feel what they talk about it much more interesting than the radio. The stories didn't exactly tie together but they still got screwed in the end. *Spoilers Below*

    2 Favorite Quotes of the Episode:

    Frank: Why don't you talk about how you two used to bang? Techniques and tie ups because people like sex.

    Dennis: What Frank is referring to is that Dee and our soldier used to be lovers. *Boing Sound Effect*

    Charlie: Just move the puck like a tiny bowl of cream you don't wanna spill and your just guiding it. Mac: I'm gonna go out there and take a Wicked slap shot otherwise I go out there and look like a Jabroni.moreless
  • Both plots were funny, but one certainly worked more than the other.

    It's Always Sunny... follows up it's superb episode last week with a less ridiculous, but equally insane episode that finds Mac winning a radio show contest and earning a chance to shoot a puck in the net during the halftime show of the Philadelphia Flyers game and Charlie helping to teach him how to skate, while Dennis and Dee start their own podcast with Frank helping them record it.

    Mac and Charlie's plot works a lot better because it focuses on what makes Mac such a ridiculous, yet likable character (and I use likable in the loosest sense of the word). Mac seems obsessed with proving to everybody that he has the skills to do kung-fu and loves letting people know that he could likely kick their butts. Watching Mac as him and Charlie attempt to figure out a good routine to put on during the halftime show was hilarious, and with each new idea they come up with is even better than the last (the wig idea is particularly inspired, and seeing Charlie wearing it at the end, was superb). By the time we go to the end, even if the writers resorted to some lame cliche sports montages to get there, it still felt fun, mostly because it ended in typical Sunny fashion, with the gang failing and having everybody hate them.

    Dennis and Dee had a sideplot with a lot of potential, and with three guest-stars from the past that have become synonymous with the show, everything could've been a lot funnier. Unfortunately, Ben the soldier's return and the Waitress' return were anti-climatic, both ending very lackluster-like. However, Rickety Cricket never fails to make me laugh, and hearing him describe his neck like a "dog's vagina and then claiming a Chinaman stole his kidney was insane when you think about it, but something only this show could pull off. I also liked Dennis' high pitched voice when he talked about the war, and Dee's obsession with the sound effects (she's right.. sound effects are addicting indeed).

    I don't want to say this was just an average episode, but compared to last week's, it felt like just another good ol' episode of It's Always Sunny. Let's hope the show can stay as fresh as it has.moreless
  • 604

    A bit of a throw away episode for me. I wouldn't say this is one of It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia's proud moments. This show just didn't deliver much this week. There was no clever story lines, no nice tie ins, no Dee getting screwed in the end. We didn't much of what is the classic It's Always Sunny.

    I don't know, Mac learning how to skate? The end felt forced, and it was just very childish humor to end an episode on Mac falling on national television, this episode just didn't have it's usual humor. One thing I did like about this episode was some of the interactions between Mac & Charlie, but that's about it in that plot.

    Surprisingly, I thought the plot with the podcasts was much better. It was great to see Cricket, the soldier, and the waitress again. It's always great to see the recurring characters again, better yet, it's always nice to see how Dee & Dennis treat these recurring characters.

    Overall, this episode just didn't feel like It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia. This show can do better, and we all know it.moreless
Steve Morrison (II)

Steve Morrison (II)


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Travis Schuldt

Travis Schuldt

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Tom Virtue

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David Hornsby


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Mary Elizabeth Ellis


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