It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia

Season 6 Episode 6

Mac's Mom Burns Her House Down

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Oct 21, 2010 on FXX
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After burning down her house, the guys think Mac's mom should move in with Charlie's mom. Meanwhile, Frank decides to take care of a sick Dee.

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  • "Mac's Mom Burns Her House Down"

    I went in thinking this episode wouldn't be that great because it starred Mac and Charlies Mom's but it turns this episode is my personal favorite of the season so far (although the gang buys a boat is probably the best until the Halloween episode this week). The opening scene is very funny this time around as compared to last week. The only thing bad about this episode as i could see was the Dee and Frank storyline as it wasn't as good as the main one, but how could it be? *Spoilers Below*

    2 Favorite Quotes of the episode:

    Dennis: A nursing home sounds great

    Mac: Do you know what happens in those places? I might as well rape her myself

    Mac: Mom was a manager of Jiffy Lube for many years.

    Charlie: I never heard about this.

    Mac: Well, she doesn't like to brag. She started her way at the bottom and worked her way to the tippidy top.

    Charlie: There's only three people at Jiffy Lube so it's not exactly a high climb

    Mac: Dont Diminish my mothers achievements

    Charlie: Well dont get too excited about your mothers achievementsmoreless
  • Another hilarious episode of It's Always Sunny

    It seems the fluke that was the opening two episodes of Season 6 was just that: a fluke. The last four episodes have been classic Sunny and have been as good as any other episode of the show. This week finds Mac's mom burning her house down after falling asleep with a lit cigarette in her mouth. Mac decides that Charlie's mom, who is lonely since her Uncle Jack moved out, should shack up with Mac's mom and form a Golden Girls type situation. Already an awesome start to an episode. Throw in an old dog named Poppins who may have emphysema and never dies along with Mac's penchant for understanding his mom's grunts, along with a little bit of OCD behavior from Charlie's mom, and you have a great episode.

    There also was a plot involving Dee, Dennis and Frank and how Frank wants somebody to watch after him when he gets old and how Dee and Dennis still harbor ill feelings towards him because he's a horrible father. Dee is going to a Josh Groban concert and feels as if she's going to be sick, so Frank takes this as an opportunity to make amends with Dee so somebody can take care of him. This plot felt tacked on a bit to the episode, but it did tie in well with the idea of taking care of your parents. I just happened to enjoy Mac and Charlie's endeavors more than the others. This is the third consecutive week that Mac and Charlie have been doing stuff together and it makes for an awesome dynamic.

    There were other great parts too: the constant assumption by everybody that you get raped in nursing homes, the fight over the difference between Charles Gaudin and Josh Groban and the whole Jiffy Lube discussion about how Mac's mom used to be a great worker there. Just a lot of great quotes and gags that worked well. I can't even explain how hilarious I found Poppins. The idea of a dog that has been alive for 15+ years and has an eye that pops out and may have emphysema AND leaves for years at a time before coming back home is awesome to me. A great episode here tonight.moreless
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Sandy Martin

Mac's Mom

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Lynne Marie Stewart

Charlie's Mom

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