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  • Good at first. Not afterwards.

    The first twenty or so episodes were good. Whenever I bring this up in YouTube comments, a lot of people disagree, but let's be frank here. It's so-so at best now. It's practically impossible for a show to run for more than 10 years without getting stale. My 8.5 rating is based on the original two/three seasons.
  • Mac and his Father love's each other in this scene

    Cats are Magical! Utube /watch?v=8NU0EFe7m3o

    I cant stop laughing
  • Its definitely a rare show...

    Its rare in the sense that this show has exactly 2 types of fans - people who will beat you up and throw your ass in a dumpster if you insult the show, and people who will buy you a beer if you insult it. Theres no one who thinks its 'okay'.

    This is an honest review I'm not just someone jumping on the hate bandwagon.

    The first two season were decent. fresh. ( The second, for me, was better coz i love danny). The succeeding seasons are so bad, its painful to watch. The show is just pointless. The insults used to be kinda funny, but now its as if the cast really are racist. There is 0 substance. Its a bit funny if you think about the scenarios, but the delivery is horrible. They really are trying too hard.

    Sunny in Philly about 5 friends who own a bar in philly and about the stuff that happens to them. It has potential, but it has miles, nay, lightyears to go before it even reaches the level of 'Seinfeld'.

    I thought the most overated show out there was HIMYM but HIMYM is much better than this farce.

    South Park and Family Guy are two of the most racist, offensive and dirtiest comedies out there, but they are also hilarious! sunny in philly ... is merely racist,offensive and dirty.

    The part thats bad is, i can see its being improvised. people should only know that from wikis or something, but i can see the stuff is being made up as it goes along.

    IMO, I DO NOT recommend you waste your time on this "Comedy Show".
  • An extremely hilarious show

    The season is already over? Too bad. But hey quality over quantity. Easily one of the funniest shows ever!

    Can't wait for the next one!
  • wildcard bitches!

    greatest comedy show all time bar none, hands down, class dismissed
  • As far as laughs per minute go, It's Always Sunny is quite possibly the funniest show of all time.

    It's Always Sunny in Philidelphia follows five "best friends" who own what is considered the "worst bar in Philly". All of them are just as despicable and horrible as each other. All off them somewhat distinctive in their roles of pure assholeness. Mac being the delusional, egocentric and repressed homosexual. Charlie being the always unpredictable wild card, who is probably the most humanised in his ongoing romantic pursue for a local waitress. Dennis with his worringly lack of empathy for anything is sociapathic even for this group of nihilists, to the point where theres hints of psychosis. Dee being the dartboard for verbal abuse from the rest of the gang (when they dont have other petty quarrels with one another) simply for being female. Frank is certainly the greediest of the bunch, described as a troll and conducts the most appaling money making schemes you're likely to see any time soon. If you were to poll the favourite characters in Sunny, it would be almost a five way tie. Everyone I ask has a different favourite character.

    The show itself is up to its tenth season, and in what can now be considered the most consistent sitcom ever made, classic episodes are still being made. There isn't a weak season in the entire run. It starts with a bang, hilarious from the get go, up until season 2, where the beloved Frank (played by Danny DeVito) is introduced, which put the show into King of Comedy tier. The earlier seasons have a one note formula with simple concepts (which is great in some sense, because they can truly focus on the comedy) but before they start feeling repetitive, the latter seasons become more experimental and go beyond their comfort zone. Though this is somewhat risky, when it pays off it pays off big time. However I'd be lying if I said this means there wouldnt be any subpar episodes. To my knowledge though I can think of only two unwatchable episodes. Thats 2/114! For a show with this many episodes thats truly impressive.

    Its Always Sunny is maybe the most politically incorrect show since South Park. No subject is taboo, and even though there is no strong language or nudity, it's certainly not for the faint of heart. What I love the most about the show is it doesn't try and pull on your heart strings ever like so many sitcoms. It knows you have come to sit down and laugh your ass off so every last second is spent attempting to make this happen. If you wanted emotion your time investment would have been used better on many of the brilliant dramas currently airing.

    The show has fantastic concepts for episodes, and though the executions are not always amazing, they knock the ball out the park with the left field twists and reveals. Need I remind the makes this is a sitcom, not a high quality TV drama? Not that I'm complaining!
  • To kikkapi

    So basically you're saying that you have a favourite tv show and Sunny is not like that show. You have your taste and that's ok.

    The characters are definitely not one-dimensional, but you'd have to actually watch the show to recognize that. I guess you'd like the characters' traits to be served on a plate for you. In real life, nobody is one-dimensional, everybody has some depth. But still, 90% of the time we are just being ourselves. It's the same in this show, they are who they are, but if the circumstances are right, they will reveal their deeper nature. I'd say that's pretty realistic.

    Talking about realistic, the dialogs in this show are one of the most natural I've seen (they often improvise, so that's no surprise). In most tv shows and films you just know "people don't talk like that". So again, I would definitely not say Sunny is not realistic. Unless you mean their actual shenanigans, because yes, they are unlikely to happen in everyday situations, but you don't watch tv shows to experience typical situations.
  • Act like people do in Philly

    This is a great show, I enjoy every minute of it. From its dark humor and Philly attitude the characters have makes the show wonderful. If people don't understand the show think it's all just random yelling crap, Hey that's Philly that's why we have the best fans in sports history
  • Best thing on television

    Obviously not for everyone but if you have an expanded sense of humor you will love it immediately puts me in a good mood whenever i watch it
  • Kind of stupid!

    I honestly don't like this show. I think it is slow-paced and grimy, and not very fun. FX is a great channel. They have The League, which is my favorite show currently on television (second of all time to Arrested Development). The League is fun and fast paced. The characters (other than Ruxin) are likable, and all (including Ruxin) are funny. The League has wit, charm, and profanity.

    Always Sunny is boring. The characters are boring, one-dimensional and irritating. The show is not very creative, and reminds me of Workaholics. They both center on a group of stupid friends, doing stupid things, and making stupid jokes. The show is full of good actors, and they do a pretty good job when it comes to acting. The problem is the show just isn't realistic. The League has characters that seem like people you would know in real life. Always Sunny does not. What is a Ivy League graduate doing running a bar with two morons.

    People say the show is "Seinfeld on crack". The only difference is Seinfeld is funny.
  • South Park with real humans

    I have been a fan of this show from Season 1. Yes it's silly, crass, and sometimes just plain unbelievable. But that's part of the charm. As a friend once remarked, the characters in It's always Sunny in Philadelphia act like grown-up South Park Kids.
  • It's Always Not Funny in Philadelphia - sorry, fans, but I'm not into this show

    It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia revolves around four friends who run a bar in the City of Brotherly Love and have to overcome their relentless self-involvement to make their friendship and business work I'm sorry for those who loves this show, but I really hate IASIP. Why? I really want to laugh at the raunchiness but instead it ends up being very offensive. I got offended at one simple Mexican joke (I'm Mexican American and I'm a little defensive, even if I don't like being one) and that's when my hatred for It's Always Sunny comes from. This show is a hundred times offensive than any adult shows I've seen. Yes, EVEN more offensive than Family Guy, South Park, and any Adult Swim/Comedy Central shows. All the characters (expect Sweet Dee) are very annoying. Charlie Day's character, is especially the one that gives me a big headache. He's such an annoying actor and he can't act. That's why I'm never gonna watch this show ever again. I know I'm judging too much, but it's too much nuisance in my opinion. I would stick to most of the adult shows on Adult Swim and Comedy Central. This and Archer are the most overrated shows ever. All in all, I don't really like this show due to its annoying characters, humor, and writing. Not worth watching. 1/10
  • They take chances with stereotypes and politically hot issues

    They absolutely wiped out the PC crowd with this show. From one to the next, they poke fun at the most disturbing and sensitive issues, and it is funny. I do have some quibbles, though. First, it is hard to figure out who is who, when they all yell at the same time. Second, I think the Danny DeVito character is too over the top, even for him. I also don't like some of the very vulgar language, (and they say "bang" all the time)). Most normal people don't act that way. However, it certainly has its moments, and Charlie and Dee especially (for me) carry the fun. How the hell they run a bar together with so much tension is beyond, but it does make me laugh, and sometimes really bellylaugh. After all is said and done, though, it is very offensive and insulting, but not the Three Stooges, and not even "Taxi", which, after all, it will be measured against.
  • Top Shows - Consistent, crazy, morbid, black comedy

    Mostly 8 seasons (05-14)
  • The show Sucks Balls ..

    Don't get me wrong there's been some funny situations but even in the most hilarious situations they get into they somehow manage to make it not funny if it wasn't for Danny devito this shit would be cancelled ERIC ANDRE show is the funniest show on television as of right now
  • wild card bitches!

    hands down the funniest television show i have ever watched. A brilliant cast and hilarious scenarios makes this the greatest TV comedy of all time. that is all.

    love i charlie you! (hopefully some of you got my humor behind
  • It's Never Funny in Philadelphia

    I can start by pointing out how I already know this will be deleted or voted down to oblivion because you people don't like honest reviews. The cult following this attempt at comedy has garnered will turn to me with ire and scorn for saying anything negative about this longstanding "gem".

    The thing is, this show just ISN'T funny. Maybe I've been spoiled by ACTUAL funny people, but this shows dark humor fails to deliver every time. Sure, maybe it's forced a chuckle occasionally, but at least 95% of the time, it's just disappointing. I don't find the topics approached by the gang "edgy" or "sensitive," nor is the stance taken ever fresh or creative.

    If you're a fan of weak dark humor, and mediocre jokes, dive right in. This show is for you. In all honesty, this show is more for people who have no comedic value, nor understand it. The cast is lackluster with the exclusion of Charlie Day and Danny DeVito, Any attempt to think of what the plot may be falls to quick confusion; the same effect is found if you question how the show remains on television.

    tl;dr The show is bad, not dark humor, not funny, very disappointing.

    Now that you've read an honest review, thumb me down for disagreeing with you!
  • Its ALWAYS Sunny

    If you dont think the show is funny, you probably still think Two and a Half Men is funny. Seeing the seflish, crazy antics of The Gang gets funnier and funnier. Dark humor is my favorite kind of humor so this show works perfectly.
  • Laugh out loud funny

    This show gets better and better and this is coming from a Uk Northerner and we're funny as f@ck by birth.
  • It's bad.

    Not funny, not creative, annoying, the characters (Minus Charlie Day and Danny DeVito) are extremely annoying and unlikable. Why do people like this show? I will never know, because I watched many episodes of this show, and not a single one made me laugh. Maybe because it's not my kind of humor? Well maybe it's because the show has none.
  • Its always sucky in philidelphia.

    This show is not remotely funny. I've watched lots of episodes just to see what ghee hype is about. The actors are not funny, they really need writers and scripts. I wish comedy central would stop running this show. I'm a fan of dumb humor, but this show is missing the humor part. I'm not sure who the show is targeting because I can't find any group that should be interested in this mess. It's just stupid.
  • Hilarious gem

    This show is hilarious. It's written by men FOR men. I don't think women get this show. I'd compare it to Monty Python and The Three Stooges, because it differs from other shows in that it doesn't deliver jokes and punchlines but rather each episode is one long joke and its all the crazyness in between that makes the show so funny.
  • One of the few good things on TV nowadays

    I almost died laughing watching this show. unfortunately, it's gonna move to some new channel called FXX, and I don't think I get get that channel with my cable service. at least it's on Comedy Central
  • The #1 Sunny Review by the #1 Sunny Fan

    Outstanding! This show is the greatest show of this generation! It is about 5 best friends who work in an Irish Bar in Philadelphia called Paddy's Pub. Going through the most outrageous stories ever to be told. I shall break it down as I can only do it. The clever way that they open their episodes by having words on the screen to capture the audience to the setting while having sounds of their bickering, fighting, or whatever illicit activity that they find themselves in will always make us get excited for whatever non-sense that they will drag us into. It's that bone-chilling effect that only they can produce in the openings of television now. Once the text clears you find yourself sucked into "The Gang's" leading arguments. This is where all of the rising action is within the story! Most shows drag it out for half the show before getting to the "good stuff". However, this show get's the audience into the story before the opening credits appear. In every episode, the "Gang" is always left with a situation doesn't unfold before you. You see the outcome of the leading arguments after the opening credits have happened. This leaves the audience with that imagination of whatever they want to believe could have happened during that time frame. And when that opening score hits your ears you feel like you are now entirely within the show. The opening clearly shows what this show is to those who see it. They are not looking for perfection. These guys are not trying to look good for anyone. It's their time they spend in the city of Philadelphia. That's what I see when I watch Rob McElhenney's camera technique towards the many attractions and places in Philly. The music makes you feel like your floating on clouds. For first time viewers, it would seem like a mis-match of song choice with this goofy show. But it delivers that funny -danger lurks in all the good places- sort of feeling that they can only deliver. Once this show starts off you are put into a fast paced movement of jokes and screaming that you will never forget for a lifetime! This show is creative and adds that clever wittiness that people with a strong sense of crazy atmosphere would like to be surrounded by. Some people will definitely find this show offensive, however comically satire they make their jokes seem. This show will also disgust many people, and I'm guessing everyone. But based on what other shows you see on this show has been keeping in pace with towards the young generation. And to keep their targeted viewers entertained, they would have to do the morbid and gory things that they occasionally do. What other shows never did and what they are now trying to do is what Sunny has been champion of their entire time they have been on . They are able to create the outlandish behavior that you see in family Guy, South Park, or whatever else show that has animated antics. The only thing is able to make those things happen in real life. That's what keeps this show going forever. It's what drives the actors to do more. And the best thing about this show in my personal opinion, is that the actors are the writers! That's the best value! The actors Glenn Howerton, Rob McElhenney, and Charlie Day also co-write the scripts together. This makes the show come alive! Other shows will have a big-shot Hollywood actor get paid millions to say a few words that other people have wrote and they get absolutely no recognition. When you watch an episode you feel like this was apart of their lives. You have a sense that these 3 guys all joked about the word "Clown-Baby" before they put it into "Hundred-Dollar Baby". You are given a smile on your face when you watch the bloopers because you feel like that's the actual story behind their lives. No other show in the history of shows that I can think of right now was ever capable of pulling that off. For those people that watched 3 minutes of it and simply wrote it off and went back to their daytime reality show will never be able to think, create, visualize, endure, provoke, belittle, motivate, and entertain like a Sunny fan! I will say that this show has changed through the years. When season 1 started, Rob, Charlie, and Glenn were looking for that "Curb Your Enthusiasm" feel of reality that makes you believe that it happened. So whenever they made a mistake on set, it would not be cut out but embraced as part of the show. If you watch season 1 and 2 you will know exactly what I mean when I say that it went for realistic. Mostly because season 1 and 2 were directed by Dan Attias. Season 2 right off the bat introduced Danny DeVito's character Frank as Dennis and Dee's father. That whole season of 2 was played out as a movie to do these things: 1)Introduce DeVito as Frank Reynolds 2) Set his role towards "the Gang" 3) separate his initial setup from "the Gang" while at the same time keep him close and 4) Continue to be the best show of all time. They did all of this and it really did feel as if you were watching a movie if you watched them together. The show really rose into their place when season 3 started. They basically said "screw the realistic approach", which made them cross into this area in which all of the things they did were goofy and for fun sport while still grasping that down to Earth context. I also love how they never have serious feelings toward one another. You rarely see these guys get serious, angry, or frustrated and if you do 100% of the time it is always played off comically. They may work as a team in most cases that require each of them, but they soon turn against each other as soon as they hit a road bump. They will always try to better themselves by stepping on others to make them feel better. There is also this world where each of them live within their minds that make them socially disconnected from the rest of the normal world. They all feel as if they are superior among every one else (especially Dennis) and will always think they can do other people's jobs a lot better than them. The classic setup that they setup is that Mac is the Brains, Dennis is the Looks, Charlie being the Wildcard, Frank being the Muscle, and Dee being the Useless Chick. In my opinion Mac is the Muscle, Dennis is the Looks, Charlie as the Wildcard, Frank as the Brains, and of course Sweet Dee as the Useless Chick. These guys deliver comedy gold, and are the Seinfeld of this generation and (like Seinfeld) the next generations to come. I have given this show a perfect 10/10 look at what I wrote! This show lacks nothing that it needs and has built a steady fan base that targets different fans of different tastes. This show will never die and is to me "The Greatest Show Of All Time"! Greenman! ~Uchima
  • Longest Running Comedy?

    Is this the the longest running comedy on television right now? I mean the simpsons has been on forever but it's not that funny anymore. Always Sunny has been killing it year after year and it's still hilarious. ALl the FX shows are (except charlies sheens show). But Louie, Archer and that new show Legit are hilarious. if anyone wants to see what fx's new show is about i put a link below. But anyway, ya Always Sunny is probably the best example of how a cable comedy can outlast and out perform any of its network rivals

  • Turn off your brain and laugh.

    It's rare that I laugh out loud when I'm watching a TV show but this show has the zaniest of antics that I can't help but laugh out loud. Dennis complaining that he was rear ended in his vehicle while eating a bowl of cereal!? It's normal and ridiculous at the same time! Almost a 'real life' Family Guy.
  • watching this for him

    I giving this a try for my partner but this shit is flat out STUPID!!!
  • Always Great for a Laugh

    This show has always been able to deliver a good laugh. I've never been disappointed with an episode. The episodes can stand on their own, which is nice to see in a TV series, even though watching previous episodes may make certain situations even funnier.
  • Too much

    I enjoy the show for the most part, I just wish they wouldn't go too far every now and then. It's just disgusting and gross. Too bad they think they couldn't go without.

  • Consistent tv

    Love it or hate it, IASIP is extremely consistent. Week to week, season to season, the deliver fast paced comedy. A very dark show about some of the most selfish people in the world (where everyone involved in writing is probably going to hell) is also one of the funniest. Many people will say that's its just yelling, which to some extent is true, but it's clever yelling.

    Give the show a few episodes so that you can adjust your morals to find it funny and not terrible. It is just a TV show after all.