It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia

Season 4 Episode 10

Sweet Dee Has a Heart Attack

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Oct 30, 2008 on FXX
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After Dee suffers a heart attack, she and Dennis try to be healthier. To receive health insurance, Mac and Charlie enter the corporate workforce.

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  • A great episode, but is it going anywhere?

    A lot o what makes this show so fantastic is present in this episode-manic discussion, rampant irresponsibility, and Charlie being insane-but, sometimes, I wonder if the show isn't just keeping a steady pace instead of growing; with no constant plot, no character development, and no new introductions, this show works a lot like a sketch comedy show without the comedy. While that was, indeed, what drew me into the show at first, I find myself more disappointed as the series continues; while it's still hilarious, it's just the same type of hilarious.

    The show can only last so long under its own weight, and the crew, at this point, haven't proven that they'll be growing. Here's to hoping.moreless
  • Frank gets stuck in a mental institution

    Great usage of a movie reference here. We had Frank Reynolds get forced into a mental asylum that led to a hilarious take on the classic One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest.

    Finally, finally we get a good It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia Season 4 episode. This felt like a throwback to the old days as it was just non-stop laughs from beginning to end. The whole supplement/working out discussion was hilarious and Dee was actually very funny here calling the spinning class instructor a "bumblebee". The scene with Charlie knowing all the employees and then later in the mail room thinking there was a conspiracy was priceless. He's excellent when he goes on these long monologues and hopefully the show keeps doing them.

    Just a really good episode of Sunny.moreless
  • I never laughed so hard at a Sunny episode before this.

    I never laughed so hard at a Sunny episode before this. Everything was hilarious, from the scene in the hospital with the discussion about social services, to the way they did the mail room work involving something out of A Beautiful Mind, to the way Dee and Dennis handle everything regarding physical fitness and their insistence on playing good music while riding the bike - I never laughed so hard at an episode. There are a couple allusions I missed, but I'm sure they will be on wikipedia or here soon enough.

    Everything worked so well together and made for a hilarious episode.moreless
  • Another great episode!

    I thought that the last review was fine overall, but I wanted to clarify that the movie Mac and Charlie reference while arguing in the office is "The Secret of My Succe$s". Michael J. Fox starred in the movie, which premiered in 1987). The song they are 'singing' is "Oh Yeah" by Yello.

    Beyond the wonderful balance between more-obvious ROFL and subtle humor sprinkled throughout the show, one of the things that I love about this show is the use of allusions. In this episode, there was another allusion to "One Flew Over The Cookoo's Nest" with Frank's stint in the mental hospital--the nurse, the Chief, and Frank's breakout of the end, etc.moreless
  • Sweet Dea has a heart attack and finds out she has no health insurance. This launches the gang into a frenzy to get healthy or get health insurance they only way they know how...through stupidity.moreless

    The show opens with Sweet Dea having a heart attack. At the hospital when the doctor asks for her health insurance, Frank reveals he canceled Dennis and Dea's health insurance when they were 9 years old, and Dea is asked to leave the hospital.

    So, in their infinite genius, Dennis and Dea decide to start taking weight loss supplements while giving up on going to the gym, as they feel the energy they get from all the pills is doing the trick to getting them healthy. Later, they decide to get some botox and attempt to inject themselves while reading the instructions that are written in spanish. (See Dennis' eye for the results of that.)

    Mac and Charlie take another approach for health insurance. They apply for the same mail room position for your average large company. Charlie ends up trying to sort all the mail for the employees of the company and ends up going completely insane, insisting their is an office conspiracy that the recipients of the mail are not real people. Mac on the other hand, decides to duck in someones office who is on travel in Orlando and pretends to be "the new guy". I'm assuming this is a plot from another movie (maybe that crappy Will Smith movie?) but I haven't seen it so correct me if I'm wrong.

    Frank has the smallest role of the episode and he winds up getting a bunch of depression medication while at the hospital. He takes all the meds at once and ends up in a mental home after he is found on the street by the police. Writing a review for a show like this is not an easy thing to do, but I hope at least someone enjoyed it. This was a great episode, one of the best so far this season. Watch it online next Thursday if you missed it!moreless

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    • Spin Class Instructor: First of all, I don't think you should even be here if you had a heart attack, ma'am.
      Dee: Well, maybe you shouldn't dress like a bumblebee, bitch.

    • Dee: I just had a heart attack. Can we focus on me for two minutes here?
      Charlie: I feel like we did talk about you.
      Mac: Dee, your ship has sailed. Okay, it's time move on to us, the people who are going to live on.

    • HR Director: Legally, I have to pay you something, but, uh, minimum wage maybe?
      Mac: Minimum wage?
      Charlie: Are you kidding me?
      Mac: That's great.
      Charlie: Absolutely.
      Mac: That's more than we expected.
      Charlie: That's a government salary right there.

    • Doctor: Well, actually, Ms. Reynolds, first we need to discuss how you'll be paying for your stay.
      Mac: Paying? This is a hospital.
      Charlie: Yeah. Since when do you pay to stay in a hospital?
      Doctor: Since always.
      Charlie: Uh, no, I believe that is what taxes are for.
      Mac: Yeah, you don't pay a fireman to put out a fire.
      Charlie: Or a cop to shoot a guy.

    • Dee: Enjoy it, Coach Dick and Balls.

    • Dennis: Spin class. Come on, a bunch of hamsters on a wheel.
      Dee: Yeah, I'm gonna ride a bike hard, I'm gonna ride a bike fast, and oh, yeah, I'm not gonna go anywhere.
      Dennis: Yeah, and then when I walk out, I'm gonna put a bunch of metal onto a metal bar and life that metal over and over like a metal jerk.

    • Frank: I let my ass breathe.

    • Mac: They usually just give me a bunch of antibiotics, the sores go away, and I walk out.

    • Dennis: (to Dee) Oh man, I would kill for your bowel movements right now.

    • Dennis: You injected Mexican collagen in my eye?!

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    • Mac: Uh, have you seen The Secret of My Succe$s?

      Mac reveals to Charlie that he plans to use the plot of the 1987 film The Secret of My Succe$s as a blueprint for climbing the corporate ladder. It stars Michael J. Fox as a recent college graduate working in the mailroom of a corporation, and who pretends to be a new executive by occupying an empty office of a recently fired employee.

    • The scene where Charlie is piecing together a purported scam at the company connecting several parcels of mail while hallucinating the existence of a man in a trench coat named Barney is an allusion to the 2001 film A Beautiful Mind.

    • Frank in the Mental Institution:

      This is an allusion to the 1975 film One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest that co-starred Jack Nicholson and Danny DeVito, and which is an adaptation of Ken Kesey's 1962 novel. There were numerous references to the film including the nurse that resembled Louise Fletcher's character Nurse Ratched, Gaetano Vincini mimicking DeVito's performance as Martini in the film, a Native American patient called Chief, the musical score during the hospital scenes, and the ending.

      In addition, Tim Sampson who guest starred as the Chief is the son of actor Will Sampson who originated the role. Tim had also played the character in the stage adaptation on Broadway, and this episode is the second time that he had parodied the character. The first time was in the second season episode, "Mettle" of the British series, Spaced.