It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia

Season 4 Episode 11

The Gang Cracks the Liberty Bell

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Nov 06, 2008 on FXX
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To get Paddy's pub labeled a historical landmark, the gang tells the Philadelphia Historical Society that their bar was responsible for cracking the Liberty Bell.

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  • There ya go, some History for you (sort of...)

    This is definitely one of my favorites of this season.

    I mean, it dragged us away from the bar (at least in time - about 200 and some years), to teach us some History.

    The cold opening was great, and from there it only got better.

    Paddy's Pub...ahem...I mean Patrick's Pub was the center of operations for the revolutionaries, but they we're betrayed by Dennis and Mac ancestors when they became spies for the British side.

    Charlie and Frank were awesome. Their scenes were the funniest and crazy. The way Charlie acted and talked through the episode made me laugh every time. The pumpkins scene was great; the guns that didn't shoot (supposedly cursed by the witch Deeandra) was even better. And the last scene at the bar, with Cricket was totally unexpected. I mean, seriously, I had to rewind a few times because I simply couldn't believe that was happening on this show.

    Still, it was a great episode, probably the better of the season, and one of my favorites.

    Props for the Gang!moreless
  • The gang comes up with a false story about Paddy's Pub in an attempt to get it landmark status.

    In an attempt to channel 1990's sitcom Newsradio we had an episode where the stars of the show were transmitted to a different world. While the NBC show did it with the Titanic and futuristic space, It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia chose 1776.

    Being a history buff I liked what I saw here. Some clever scenes involving the lifestyle o that time and as always Dennis was great here. Dee even got a laugh from me when she called Rickety Cricket an "English **** hole". There were some pretty moronic parts such as Mac with the wooden teeth and Charlie and Frank selling furs, but the majority of the episode was very funny for the second straight week. The opening scene with them discussing George Washington's portrait was an excellent back and forth and the kind of thing usually absent this season.

    Sunny is on a roll right now and hopefully they can keep things up.moreless
Pat Crawford Brown

Pat Crawford Brown

Woman - Historical Society

Guest Star

Marcos Akiaten

Marcos Akiaten

Native American Elder

Guest Star

Steven Flores

Steven Flores

Younger Native American

Guest Star

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


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  • QUOTES (10)

    • Charles: Check his pulse.
      Deandra: He doesn't have a head!

    • Charlie: Now, why would you hang a painting like this on your wall?
      Mac: Well, it's the Historical Society, bro.
      Dennis: Right.
      Mac: They have to hang it up, you know what I mean?
      Dennis: Yeah.
      Charlie: Oh, well, we got to suffer just because some old dude who looks like Meryl Streep chopped down a cherry tree, like, ten million years ago?

    • Colonel Cricket: I do not wish to take her. I would like to win her favor, like a gentleman does a lady.
      Dennis: That just does not compute with me.
      MacDonald: I don't understand what your saying.
      Dennis: Digging the accent, but don't understand you.
      MacDonald: Are you saying--are you saying you're gay?

    • Historical Society Woman: So you're claiming that your bar had a direct role in the cracking of the Liberty Bell?
      Charlie: Absolutely.
      Historical Society Woman: Well then tell me about it.
      Charlie: Well, the year was 1412...

    • Historical Society Woman: Stop this story... okay?!
      Dennis: We're not quite finished yet. We're just climaxing there.

    • Franklin: We're not traders, Charlie. We're thieves. You want his pumpkins, we kill him and take his pumpkins. (laughs) This is 1776. We'll get away with it!
      Pumpkin Guy: I can hear you.

    • Dennis: I saved you from being burned at the stake for being a witch.
      Deandra: You're the one who accused me of being a witch in the first place, Dennis.

    • MacDonald: You know that chick I've been banging down at Independence Hall?
      Deandra: Mm, the fat one.
      MacDonald: She's not that fat.
      Dennis: Yeah, she's pretty fat, dude. (goes for a high five) Good one, witch.

    • Deandra: Well you look at that? Sons of Liberty. Patriots meeting in our bar, speaking of revolution and freedom. Can you believe it, dear brother? We're witnessing history in the making.
      Dennis: I do not give a shit, Deandra. Now, get me a flagon of ale.
      Deandra: Get your own ale, dick.

    • MacDonald: (referring to Dennis) We were acting like British nobleman and then he couldn't drop the she-male thing, so we got tarred and feathered for being Sodomites!

  • NOTES (0)


    • After blowing the head off of Colonel Cricket's torso, the gang places him on a horse and replaces his head with the pumpkin that Charlie carved. This is an allusion to the Headless Horseman from Washington Irving's short story, The Legend of Sleepy Hollow.

    • Deandra: I'll get you, my pretties!

      This is an allusion to the Wicked Witch of the West's famous threat to Dorothy and her dog, Toto in The Wizard of Oz (1939).

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