It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia

Season 1 Episode 6

The Gang Finds a Dead Guy

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Sep 06, 2005 on FXX

Episode Recap

10:25 a.m. Friday

Mac and Dee are arguing about Tom Brady. They go into the bar and find a drunk old guy that really smells. Mac tries to poke the old man with a pool stick. When he falls over and doesn't respond, Mac then knows that the man is dead.

The ambulence takes away the dead man. The gang decides what to do about the mess. Charlie is picked to clean the booth. He decides to wash it down. A woman comes in and it was her grandfather that died the previous night. She wanted to come in and find out what happened. She didn't know him well. Mac starts talking about the old guy and Dennis says he knew him too. They think she's cute and compete for her.

Dee comes to Charlie's apartment. Dee asks Charlie to go with her to the nursing home where her grandfather is. Dennis doesn't want to go. Dee doesn't want to go by herself because she's scared. In return he can borrow her car once and she has to take him out to lunch.

Mac and Dennis argue about who can can chicks. The dead guy's grandfather comes in again and Mac and Dennis give her their full attention.

At the nursing home, Dee is getting creeped out. they find her grandfather's room. Dee freaks out and bails on Charlie. Dee's grandfather thinks Charlie is Dennis and starts talking to him. Dee is in the bathroom and is freaking out. She's washing her face and turns around to see an old lady. Dee is scared and screams. Charlie is still talking with the grandfather. He is a war hero and sends Charlie on a secret errand to get his war things and bring it back to the nursing home.

Mac and Dennis are talking to the girl and she needs more information on her grandfather. Mac says it may be hard to get in contact with the people he knew but Dennis interrupts him and says it won't be a problem. It looks like Dennis is winning the girl over.

Charlie borrows Dee's car and goes to see Dee's grandfather by himself. She says that she wants to see him too, and Charlie says to take the bus.

Mac and Dennis go to a homeless shelter to look for guys. They bring the homeless guys to the old man's funeral. Rebecca (the guy's granddaughter) asks them say a few words. MAc gets a phone call from Charlie and he has to go to Charlie's appartment. It turns out that Charlie found Nazi stuff and is in a full Nazi suit. Mac says to sell the stuff on ebay but it may be immoral. Then they think to sell it to a museum.

At the funeral, Dennis talks about Lionel Keane (the old dead guy). He makes up all this stuff. Rebecca is so touched by the fake things Dennis and Lionel did, like feeding the hungry. At the end of his eulogy, he winks at Rebecca.

Charlie and Mac are at a museum to sell the Nazi stuff to the museum. The guy there is not interested.

Dee goes to the nursing home by herself to visit her frandfather. She is so freaked out by everything. Dee brought some books to read to him to spend time with him. He urges her to come closer. She is stoked because the thing she hates most about old people are their hands. Of all the things her grandfather does, he touches her teeth with his finer. Dee runs out of the room and vomits in a trash can.

Mac an Charlie burn the Nazi stuff and decide not to tell Dennis about his history. Dennis comes in and wants to flaunt his victory and informs him that he had sex with Rebecca after the funeral. Mac comes back and tells Dennis that his grandfather is a Nazi and hands him a picture of his grandfather in a Nazi uniform, who looks like Dennis when he was younger.

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