It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia

Season 1 Episode 6

The Gang Finds a Dead Guy

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Sep 06, 2005 on FXX

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    I feel like this episode can be seen as the least favorite of the season, but when we watch it, it really is a good one. I just think that it doesn't stand out as much as the others this season or pretty much every other season. This episode could have done much more. I still liked it!
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    Probably my least favorite of the season probably because the plot wore thin and it dragged on for quite a bit, but nonetheless, this still was a good episode of It's Always Sunny, at least that's more than what I can say about The Office that is declining in ratings.

    So this episode was about old people. I definitely think this episode has one of the best cold openings of It's Always Sunny when Mac & Dee find a dead guy in their bar, things lose their way a bit afterward as the episode becomes focused on Mac & Dennis competing over a girl. And Charlie finding out that Dee & Dennis' grandfather is a Nazi. Meanwhile old people gross Dee out. So this episode starts out very promising but then turns out like nothing I expected probably because the last couple of episodes set the bar too high for me, but regardless this was a good episode, even though it wasn't as good as the rest.
  • This was my least favorite episode from the 1st season, and I still thought it was great.

    Charlie acts as support for Dee as she visits her bedridden grandfather and finds himself in a precarious situation when the old man enlists Charlie in a plan, leading to a surprising discovery, that Dee is terrified of old people's homes. Meanwhile, Dennis (and Mac) pretend to be friends with the dead guy in 'Paddy's Pub' in order to get closer to the dead man's granddaughter. The episode definitely has some wonderful moments, but, when it is all said and done and I look at this from the 'bigger picture,' it was my lest favorite episode of the phenomenal first season. Not that it didn't touch on any taboo issues (!), as that is always a certainty, but, for me, the laughs just weren't as many as the other episodes.
  • After the gang finds a dead body in the bar, Dennis and Mac try to win over the man's granddaughter. Meanwhile, Dee makes Charlie take her to see her Pop-pop, leading Charlie to a revelation about Dennis' lineage.

    Just like the previous episode that had more subtle and built up humor, this episode was certainly fun to watch. Even though Charlie had supposedly closed up the bar, a man had died overnight. While the gang worries about what to do about the booth he died in, the man's granddaughter comes to find out about her grandfather. Mac and Dennis then compete with each other to win the girl, trying to show they knew he father more than the other. They even go as far as to get some bums to pretend to have been the grandfathers friends.

    Meanwhile, Dee decides to visit her own grandfather before it is too later. It turns out that has a very serious fear of old people. She enlists the help of Charlie, but when they get to the old people home, she bails on him and he is left with her grandfather. He mistakes Charlie for Dennis and asks him to retrieve his war uniform. Agreeing to this, it turns out that the man had been a Nazi officer, so Charlie and Mac try to sell the mementos to a museum. When their plan fails, they burn the goods, but not before Mac drops the bomb on Dennis after Dennis had revealed he had slept with the mans granddaughter.

    The humor in this episode was subtle and spot on. The moment when Mac saw Charlie in the uniform was particularly hilarious. I especially enjoyed this episode because, even though Dennis got the girl, he was still devastated by news of his grandfathers past. It was also amusing to see Dee's relentless phobia towards old people, but I only wish they did a bit more with it, or even in subsequent episodes.
  • This episode is about, literary, stepping over dead bodies to get the girl. Mac and Dennis compete for a girl and show no restraints. Meanwhile Charlie and Dee visit Dee\\\'s grandfather, trying to overcome her disgust of old people.

    What I love about this episode is the characters complete lack of moral standards. At one time, Dee tries to be serious and contemplate the death of a Patron, but the guys sees her as being boring and starts to talk about hitting on the grand-daughter of the deceased instead. This goes on as they even show up at the funeral with a bunch of hired ho-boes and tell complete lies about the Patron. Afterwards they have no remorse and are not punished in any way.
    These kinds of displays are so refreshing from all the other shows where you get all sorts of moralizing lectures shoved down your throat.
  • One of the best.

    This was the first episode of "Sunny" I watched, and I have to say, it was hilarious. The whole thing with Charlie and the Nazi uniform was priceless. It's so hard to choose a top episode, but this one is right up there.

    Dennis and Mac competing for the girl was hilarious, as was Dee's nervousness at being at the nursing home. Just an all around classic episode. Definately a great one to be introduced to the series with.

    When Mac and Charlie tried to sell the Nazi uniform to the museum, that's when I just cracked up. That was a highlight of the episode.
  • Painfully funny!

    Okay, so I saw this show last night. It was the funniest frikin\' show I\'ve ever seen in my life. I couldn\'t fall asleep it was so dern funny. If I tried to explain it, I wouldn\'t doit justice. This is the only episode (the dead guy one) but I will never stop watching this show now. Watch it.