It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia

Season 6 Episode 8

The Gang Gets a New Member

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Nov 04, 2010 on FXX
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The gang decides to expand the group and Dee reevaluates her future.

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  • new member

    The latest episode of It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia is a fairly strong half hour of television. You cannot go wrong with SNL star Jason Sudeikis appearing, and you cannot go wrong with an episode where Charlie gets angry. I did not really care much for the Dee storyline, but that is not really a "new" Sunny problem, that has always been a problem with this show: they just cannot write for female characters. But the guy's stuff was good and relatable as we all have that group of friends that has two people who constantly dislike each other's presence.

    Strong ep, lots of laughs here.moreless
  • So many good moments, and some strange ones...

    For me, Season 6 has been one of the strongest.. after a weak-ish start, it's provided one hilarious episode after the other, and for once, the season feels as if it flows better than the others.. things are introduced and referred to later, consequences of early episode have an effect on later ones and there's actually long-lasting plots (Dee's pregnancy mainly, and how her substitute job). There was so much to like in this episode, including Jason Sudekis as Smitty, the gang's old friend who was thrown out of a moving car after Charlie claimed he didn't want him in the group. I really loved the way everything began and ended in this episode, and Dee and Charlie were perfect. It was Frank, Dennis and Mac that ruined it for me, which is surprising.

    The basis of the episode is that the group digs up their old time capsule from ten years ago and remembers that they had a friend named Smitty. Charlie seems to be frustrated with the man, even though there's never a clear-cut explanation. Eventually, the gang decides to re-invite him back into the gang, which causes Charlie to quit the gang and become a janitor at the same school that Dee is student-teaching at.. oh yeah, Dee becomes a student teacher.

    The episode was hilarious, as usual, and I'm going to try not to complain too much about the parts that sort of bothered me. The entire dinner scene with Mac, Dennis, Frank and Smitty was great, but it just felt weird that Mac and Dennis would act this obsessed with Smitty. You know, on second thought, these scenes didn't bother me as much as I thought they did, but I still do find it absurd that the gang would be so strict about stuff when we've never seen that stuff before.

    But how can people not laugh at Mac attempting round-house kicks or Dee failing as a student teacher? Or Charlie offering to eat an eraser to prove how good of a job he'll do as a janitor.. or the fact that his resume is a picture of Bruce Jenner? Man, the list goes on. The fact that the gang thought a Korn CD and The Cider House Rules on lazerdisc would be popular in the future. The episode wasn't as good as a few of the early episodes preceding it, but it certainly was yet another example of how great It's Always Sunny has been. So far, for me, it's been dwarfing Season 5 and continues to get better and better.moreless
  • The Gang Gets a New Member

    This episode opened with the gang opening a time capsule they burried 15 years ago. Dee finds a letter to herself that makes her think about her future. The rest of the gang find a photo of a former member of the gang Shmitty. Charlie doesn't think they need a new member but they ultimately do it anyway(Cue music). Dee goes to her old high school and talks to her teacher for inspiration but ultimately gets turned into a teacher because its too late for her. The rest of the gang finds Shmitty and appologize for throwing him out of a moving car. Charlie ultimately still doesn't like him so gives them an ultimatum and they pick Shmitty without even thinking. This episode was good although the Dee story was weak mainly because she was by herself. When shes with at least 1 more member its a lot better. 4 Funniest Characters this episode in order:

    Charlie Frank



    2 favorite quotes: "Charlie: Hey, you're stilling living with your mom? that sounds kind of lame.

    Schmitty: Well, it's the M.S. that's really lame. you know

    Dennis: Oh, your mom has Multiple sclerosis..

    Schmitty: Yeah she's doing alright. I moved in with her to take care of her. Really get to know her before she moves on.

    Charlie: Kind of a Downer that story...Sort of a downer"

    Principal: You don't need to eat the eraser to prove your point, you have the job.

    Charlie: Are you serious?

    Principal: I love your attitude.

    Charlie: Sir, I'm not gonna let you down. I'm gonna start cleaning immediately. But, first, can I eat the eraser?

    Principal: You're saying you want to eat the eraser?

    Charlie: I'm asking you if it's edible cause it certainly smells of grapes.

    Principal: I don't think it's edible.

    Charlie: Can't I just test it?

    Principal: I'd rather you didn't. I might need it later.

    Charlie: Alright, you win this one. I'll pick up one of my own and I'll eat that one. That way everyone wins.moreless
  • 608

    A great episode here, but it did have some flaws like Dee's plot was wildly uninteresting. Dee's dialogue has always amused me but the plot of her becoming a teacher? I don't know about that, didn't really feel like Sunny. Although I did like the fact that it managed to tie in somehow with Charlie being a janitor and the slippery floors but the Frankenstein scenes were quite dreadful.

    The new gang thing was absolutely hysterical, their initiation was interesting and somewhat creepy. Also Charlie's anger also helped the episode. Charlie is one of the best things about this show, and it was greatly displayed here.

    Overall a very enjoyable half hour with a not bad guest appearance, I liked the new member, and what he did to the usual group dynamic, plus Charlie's reaction times were absolutely priceless. Great episode.moreless

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