It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia

Season 1 Episode 1

The Gang Gets Racist

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Aug 04, 2005 on FXX
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In the pilot, we are introduced to four friends-- Mac, Charlie, Dennis and his sister, Dee, who run an Irish bar named Paddy's. When the guys notice that business has been less than stellar, they hire Dee's new acting friend, Terrell to promote their bar and bring them more business. Meanwhile, Charlie and Mac attempt find a way to prove that they are not racist after making some rude and insensitive comments.moreless

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  • #1 Sunny Fan Review: #52 The Most Over-The-Line Pilot

    This is the episode that we can all look back at and see how far "The Gang" has gotten. This was a perfect pilot for this show because it shows what to expect later what not to expect. It also just amazes me how you can watch this episode and someday realize that this is how everything was before Rob married Olson, before "The Gang" knew Danny DeVito, and what possibilities could have happened if this episode was changed in any such way. I Love it!moreless
  • A debut that shows just how horrible a group of people can be (in a good way)

    The gang gets right off the bat with their offensive comedy nature by cautiously trying to not say too racist comments to Dee's new friend. And of course, they fail. "We weren't expecting you to be black" -Mac. Dennis is my all-star for this week, as him leading on the gay men was just hilarious. The debut really does a great job dividing their show up from others. This isn't anything like your typical CBS sitcom. To Charlie & Mac's persistence to proving their not racist, to Dennis leading on gay guys to make money, this episode delivers to show how horrible these people are. Great start to a great series!moreless
  • 101

    Outstanding, fantastic, hilarious, and memorable. All these things described the first episode of the new show, It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia on FX.

    All FX was known for before this show was reruns of canceled shows that originally aired on the Fox network, and of course, movies: "FX has the movies!" Well I didn't expect for this show to be so good considering it premiered on FX, not the best channel for new shows considering what FX was usually known for in 2005. Definitely a bold choice, and a smart one.

    This show is a breath of fresh air considering the ridiculous things that air on the networks today. This feels like a Modern Seinfeld, we've got the self obsessed characters, the amazing plots, and tying them all in for a perfect ending. Of course, this show isn't about nothing. An amazing start to a great series. I will watch this show for years to come.moreless
  • Fantastic!

    The guys hire Dee's friend Terrell as a promoter for the bar and get more than they bargained for. When the waitress that Charlie has a crush on overhears him making an inappropriate comment, Charlie along with Mac seeks out black friends to prove that he is not a racist. The results are somewhat disastrous. The gang decided to go with the idea of keeping the bar a gay bar, because they brought in so much money. However, Dennis quickly realizes, after doing numerous shots with Mac, that .. perhaps .. having 'Paddy's Pub' being a gay bar isn't the best idea. One of the best pilot episodes I've ever seen.moreless
  • LOL

    ennis (Glenn Howerton), Mac (Rob McElhenney), and Charlie (Charlie Day) are all the owners of an Irish bar in Philadelphia. Dennis' sister Dee (Kaitlin Olson) works as a bartender there, and as business is slow one evening she brings by a black friend named Terrell. Dennis, Mac and Charlie aren't expecting Dee to be romantically involved with a black guy and as a result they come across as being fairly racist.

    To prove they aren't racist, they ask Terrell to help them get more people to come to the bar. They take a journey to Temple University and try to recruit some African-Americans to stop by, and Charlie ends up getting the number of a girl there.

    Charlie has a crush on a white waitress at a coffee shop, who overhears him saying something that sounds racist, so the next day he brings by his black date to prove he isn't racist. Things don't go so well.

    Meanwhile, Dennis and Mac realize Terrell is actually gay and has turned their Irish pub into "the hottest gay bar in Philadelphia." Dennis' vanity causes him to play to the gay men there and the end of the episode has a hilarious twist that had me in stitches.

    This wasn't the first episode I had seen of this show - my first two episodes were of season two with Danny DeVito (I thought they were a bit funnier) - but this is a great way to start. To be honest I didn't expect much after seeing ads last year for this show - it looked like another lame sitcom - but after seeing a few episodes I can honestly say it's the freshest, most delightfully irreverent thing I've seen on TV in ages.

    This single episode has more plot than most movies (can't you imagine the idea of a pub being turned into a gay bar run by straight men being used in an Adam Sandler movie? Yet "Sunny" only uses this as ONE of its plots in ONE episode). The cast is terrific (especially Charlie Day who I hope to see in films some day) and the writing is clever, witty and smart. There are a lot of slight references that you don't even pick up on the first time. I had to watch the episodes with DeVito at least two times each to pick up on stuff like "I'm rocking the FDR look." In this episode in particular there's a lot of racial-stereotype satire.

    I highly recommend this as an entry point into the series - it's a great first episode, a great introduction to the characters and isn't - as some pilots are - all intro and no jokes. It's funny from the first five seconds onwards.moreless

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