It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia

Season 7 Episode 9

The Gang Gets Trapped

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Nov 10, 2011 on FXX

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  • The Gang gets trapped in a house.


    I really have a lot of appreciation for what the gang was trying to do with this episode. By jumping into the middle of a story and learning about the ridiculous steps they took to get there, the crew is basically cutting out what makes "It's Always Sunny" an insane show. Usually, we get to see the process of delusional thinking they take to get to the crazy stuff, but not this time, and I respect that. But upon a second watch, I couldn't help but feel ta there was something missing from the episode. It was funny, but not in the typical way the show usually is.

    The basic idea is that Dennis and Dee are trapped in a house while looking for something and they can't leave because the owners keep coming home when they try to escape. Mac and Charlie are the surveillance outside while Frank is sort of lurking inside, wielding a whip Indiana Jones style. The episode is pretty bizarre because we learn about why and how they got there via some throw-away lines from the gang. The episode also feels claustrophobic and motionless since they spend most of the running time hiding in closets or vans, speaking in hushed tones.

    There were definitely funny moments though: Mac's swedish plumber accent, Frank threatening to hit the little girl in the face with the whip, Dennis' increasingly panicked rants, callbacks to Dee having to pee all the time... and then there was some less funny stuff, like Mac creaking out at Charlie over asking for a chip and the random reveal in the waning seconds.

    The show definitely delivered a strong episode here and while I enjoyed it, I was missing the usual hilarity the show delivers.

  • If you love pointy shoes with pointy feet, leather shops in arizona, indiana jones parodies, or just plain love artifacts and whips then have I got an episode for you.


    Tonights episode was a pure delight, the dialouge was sharp the characters were 'in' character and the simple story was effective at serving up the funniest episode in ages.

    When Dee and Dennis start out an episode trapped in a closet with Dennis finally admitting that they are all idiots who really need to think before they jump into situations full force you know you are in for a real treat.

    Without giving it all away; Mac and Charlie reveal a very funny passion for leather, Dee has to pee, Dennis is using his brain again, Frank has a whip and will hit small kids if they make a peep, and southern accents can be funny with the right twist.

    All this combines to make a truly perfect episode, good job 'Sunny Crew' you should be proud.