It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia

Season 2 Episode 6

The Gang Gives Back

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Jul 20, 2006 on FXX

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  • #1 Sunny Fan Review: #1 My Favorite TV Episode Of Any Series Of Television

    My #1 Favorite episode of any television series of All Time. Yes! This is the one episode that made me LOVE this series and eventually become The Greatest Living Fan Of It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia! I love every second of this wonderful episode. Written by Charlie Day was the first thing that made me look more into it. First of all, this is the 3rd episode of the 2nd season has it wrong). I loved the ending the most out of the whole episode. The ending was a true and I believe first "Sunny Ending" we have seen. It's the fact that we see each and every essential character's meaning in this series. Dennis being the biggest Asshole of all time has to help the community which completely makes his ego shine was truly a great thing to see. And the fact that he has to deal with kids just sparks a burning hatred in him that I see in him all the time now! Frank did everything he does in the series all in this one episode such as being a total jerk to his daughter (handing her ice from his cup rather than giving her the glass), Gambling with Vietnamese (Which created his character in the first seasons he was in), and his constant failing at trying to connect with his son (such as trying to build a basketball team with Dennis), and Scrutinizing (sabotaging the game by taking out the best player). I also found how wonderful it is to see Mac and Dee act for the first time as a couple (it may not seem that way but it definitely shows what a beautiful pair they make). It's great to know they got married in real life, and this episode really showed the great space of middle ground that differs from that of what goes on behind-the-scene and what they will always be seen as on-screen. It's always fun to see Charlie and Waitress on screen as well. The perfect chemistry and story works so well in this episode. The Love triangle of Charlie to the Waitress to Dennis is always fun to watch. Dennis was amazing at being what he was in this one. Mac and Dee did great together, and Charlie did great with the Waitress. The ending scene was Charlie's Best Scene of the series. I mean come on. He was drunk and that was my favorite scene in television history. I LOVED THIS EPISODE! I TRULY LOVED IT! LIKE NOBODY ELSE COULD EVER LIKE THIS AS I WILL FOREVER LOVE THIS! It made me who I am today! I Love That!
  • The gang gives back to the community.

    Another hilarious installment! The gang try to give back by coaching a basketball team, but end up finding their own way to exploit the situation. The competition between whose team is better, or who is the better coach, is genius! It just goes to show that these guys could fight over anything and no one come out on top. The writing is amazing! I don't know if there is a better written show on TV right now. The characters, although somewhat unusual, are completely believable. You can totally see this group of friends existing and going through these situations. Definitley one of the best shows on television, that I am praying does not get the axe.
  • The gang is sentenced to community service and take a kiddy basket ball game to a whole new level. Charlie meanwhile has to go to AA where he meets the coffee shop waitress and decide to take advantage of the situation.

    While this was a good episode it didn't live up to last weeks great episode ($100 baby).
    The best part was undoubtably the basketball game where it all came together... or rather blew up. Frank fails to connect with Dennis after fixing the game so he could win money off of it from his Vietnamese friends. Dennis, Dee and Mac has all taught the kids to play "rough" and boy was it funny to see the kids stabbing each other. Charlie who naturally failed to get anywhere with the waitress shows up drunk as a referee and adds even more comedy to the situation.
    Overall a hilarious and just about as controversial as any other episode on the show.
  • GREAT episode! worth watching at any circumstance, even if you have to take off work, just watch this episode.

    Let me start off by saying i love this show. I'm glad comedies still exist where every episode is nearly perfect.
    I think they've done a great job with this show.

    This episode is not as good as hundred dollar baby, but it still makes a great episode. It's still hilarious in many ways.

    The gang all has community service to do. Dennis, Mac, and Dee are the new coaches for the basketball team while Charlie is in AA. Charlie runs in to the waitress when he is there. They go see the basketball game. Charlie tries to impress the waitress, so he is the ref. Charlie is the drunk ref who plays with the kids and blocks the shots.

    This episode is hilarious! this show is great! this is probably the 3rd or 4th best episode of the show. Every episode of the show is just so godly. i can't ever get enough of this show. I give it a 9.3 out of 10!