It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia

Season 7 Episode 2

The Gang Goes to the Jersey Shore

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Sep 22, 2011 on FXX

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  • What starts out very slowly...


    Honestly I thought this episode was going to be bad and it really wasn't that funny or original during the first two acts (except for all the dogs) then just as suddenly zang we are treated to a thrid act that pulls it all together and delievers the big laughs!

    Charlie finally living out his ultimate fantasy, Mac and Frank having the greatest time of their lives on a party boat, and all the while Dee and Dennis have to deal with insane dust heads in what will surely go down as funniest and darkest montage of the series (so far).

    Seriously I laughed so hard I got a headache at the end.

    Sunny's back and they heard the fans that loudly said season six was soft to the punch, so now season seven will blow peoples skulls out with a quick graphic gun shot right on camera!

    How's that for crude and crass, and guess what I loved it.

  • "The Gang Goes to the Jersey Shore"


    I give this an 8.3 but as always i cant rate it so i rounded it off to the nearest score I can give.

    Last weeks episode was what would happen in a real life version of the movie pretty woman, this episode is a more realistic look at the Jersey Shore itself (not to be confused with last years south park which was a parody of Jersey shore type shows). This episode opens with Dennis and Dee discovering that frank is burning some old stuff of theirs which happens to be their old pictures from when they used to vacation to Jersey Shore, eventually this leads to them deciding to go and of course Charlie is scared of leaving philly so Mac puts him into a sleeper hold *Cue Music*. When I saw who wrote this episode (Dave Cherin & John Cherin) at the beginning I kind of knew it wouldn't be as good as i was expecting. This is the team that wrote probably one of the worst episodes in the series "Dennis Gets Divorced" which is a good episode sure but this show can do so much better than good. This episode is a step up from that but I was really hoping I wouldn't see another episode written by them again but it happened unfortunately and now I see why it premiered so early in the season. I'd say 3/4 of this episode is classic but the rest is kinda meh and the meh parts mostly come from the Dennis and Dee storyline which is by far the weakest. All and all this isn't a bad episode but with better writers it could of been a classic. We still have 11 episodes left and so far we don't have an episode id call bad but we don't have a classic yet also, but this is still on track to be the best season yet because there's still no episode that I hate but we do need some stronger ones for it to truly top seasons like 2 & 3 which were almost perfect.

    Favorite part of this episode: Charlie, all of his scenes were great like usually.

  • The gang hits up Jersey Shore... Philly style.


    If this was your first episode to check out It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia, you may have been completely shocked. It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia is obviously a show that is willing to be completely disgusting but this episode was nuts. As much as it made me laugh, I thought it was even less believable than the episode where Sinbad and Rob Thomas were at a hospital with Dennis in his dreams. For that to be more believable than this episode, it sort of explains how ridiculous it was.

    That being said, when the show was working tonight, it was working. Among the new classic scenes tonight was seeing Dee and Dennis drinktequilaout of the sunscreen bottles and seeing Charlie drink sunscreen out of the bottle, seeing the dogs everywhere in Jersey Shore (even the hospital) and Rum Ham, a new food invention that Frank makes up. The gang splits into three groups in this episode, with Dee and Dennis attempting to have the fun they had in Jersey Shore years before and finding it very sketchy and empty, Frank and Mac floating around in the ocean, getting lost and then getting picked up by a boat full of guidos and Charlie exploring the beach, meeting the Waitress and having a fun night exploring with her. The Dee/Dennis plot ends with them high on angel dust, following around a bunch of high maniacs who shoot and kill a doctor and bury him on the beach.

    These plots are as insane as they sound and no, none of these plotlines were dream sequences. For me, this show shouldn't be judged for being unrealistic because it's so nuts in the first place, but this was the first time in awhile I felt like saying, "Man, this was just too weird." It was funny, yes, but very, very weird.

    At least we got one thing out of the episode: rum ham is a perfectly acceptable party favor.

  • 702


    South Park did it so why should Sunny not do it. This episode is why.

    It was not as much of a parody of the MTV series as I thought it would be, but this was still a pretty lame episode. Mac and Frank getting lost at sea could have been funny but they ruined it with a boat full of guidos. When does that happen ever? And then mocking randomly shooting people? No thanks.

    0/2 so far this season. They're behind in the count, but I'm not giving up yet. But come on they have to be able to have funnier episodes than this.