It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia

Season 4 Episode 2

The Gang Solves the Gas Crisis

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Sep 18, 2008 on FXX
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To capitalize on the high gas prices, the guys invest in barrels of gasoline that they plan to sell door to door. Meanwhile, Dee and Frank resort to some drastic measures to stop Bruce Mathis from donating Barbara's money to a Muslim cultural center.

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  • Charlie, Mac, & Dennis try to make a profit by buy gas and then selling it for a profit. Dennis and Dee try to get money back from Dee's dad, who is giving their will money to a Muslim foundation.moreless

    This episode was bonkers, from beginning to end. It reminded me a bit of the episode where Frank and Dennis pretended to be cops, since a lot of this episode takes place in cars and on the road. There are very funny aspects to this episode. The gang decide that the reason they haven't been as successful in some of their endeavors is because they don't follow a code of order. So they decide that Charlie is going to be the "Wild Card", Mac the Brains, and Dennis the Looks. Eventually Mac becomes the Brawn, Dennis both the Looks and the Brain, Charlie remains the Wild Card, Frank becomes the Muscle, and Dea becomes the useless slut. There is also a recurring subplot of Frank and Dee thinking they are following Dennis and Dee's real dad, but really following some random stranger who has the misfortune of being mistaken for him because his life takes an unfortunate but comedic turn for the worst.

    The explosion at the end of the episode is a perfect ending to one of Sunny's more perfect episodes.moreless
  • Awesome episode

    To capitalize on the high gas prices, the guys invest in barrels of gasoline that they plan to sell door to door. Meanwhile, Dee and Frank resort to some drastic measures to stop Bruce Mathis from donating their money to a Muslim community center.

    This episode was way more funnier than the manhunter's one. Everytime Dennis removes his t-shirt I'm laughing. When they're all in the ''rape van'' at 18:?? there's the ghostbuster's song playing. This episodes is really what It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia is about. Selfish bunch of liers who are ready to do anything for money. Hehemoreless
  • Charlie in a costume + sweet fireballs = great episode

    Charlie dressing up in costumes and immersing himself in personas is one of my favorite running gags on Its Always Sunny. He's always choosing the stupidest things to do or picking the stupidest people to pretend to be, whether it's a priest, a reporter like on Law and Order, or Serpico. In this episode, he dresses up like an oil man, is the wild card in the gang's very own "A-Team" and adopts a Foghorn Leghorn voice. Now if that doesn't make for a funny episode, I don't know what does.

    To me, this episode had an early season feel. They took a topic that's serious today (gas prices) and ran with it. The jokes were spot-on, Dennis and the rest of the guys were constantly ripping their shirts off and Frank tortured Dee. There was just so much going on in this episode that by the end, when Charlie finally yells one of the single greatest lines on the show, it's incredible that 20 minutes have passed so fast.

    It's also great to watch the guys hatch their awful schemes. Sometimes, I wonder how stupid people can be to actually believe banks will loan them hundreds upon thousands of dollars in order to buy gas and sell it later for cheap. As I mentioned the episode before, it appears the gang is getting stupider, but in some cases, that just means they get funnier

    Definitely a better episode than the Manhunters ep, and add a new persona to Charlie's list: Foghorn Leghorn Wildcard Oilman.moreless
  • Mac, Dennis, and Charlie attempt to make a profit from selling gas, while Dee and Frank stalk Bruce Mathis in a "rape van". Only in this show will the plot jump from gasoline fireballs, to terrorists, and then to water boarding all in one episode.moreless

    This episode is a classic. The paradigm the gang follows is hilarious. Charlie as the wild card is just pure genius and Frank's obsession with torture is great. Dee's plot to become the last remaining Reynolds heir was a bit out of character, and I felt it didn't really make sense. Nonetheless it didn't take away from the episode which besides that one small detail was awesome. The gang is really funny and Danny DeVito in particular does a great job. For those of you who haven't watched this episode yet, let me leave you the gang's final paradigm in the hope that it will convince you to watch this episode: Mac: The Brains

    Dennis: The Looks

    Charlie: The Wild Card

    Frank: The Muscle

    Sweet Dee: The Useless Chick ...need I say more.moreless
Zachary Knighton

Zachary Knighton

Random Guy

Guest Star

Eileen Fogarty

Eileen Fogarty

Female Bank Clerk

Guest Star

Jay Harik

Jay Harik

Gas Station Owner

Guest Star

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (1)

    • Trivia: There are three paradigms in this episode that the gang attempts to follow.

      Mac: The Brains
      Dennis: The Looks
      Charlie: The Wild Card

      Mac: The Muscle
      Dennis: The Looks and the Brains
      Charlie: The Wild Card

      Mac: The Brains
      Dennis: The Looks
      Charlie: The Wild Card
      Frank: The Muscle
      Dee: The Useless Chick

  • QUOTES (13)

    • Charlie: (in a southern accent) Yep, you best get to stepping, cause Johnny law's a-comin'!
      Dennis: You might want to start driving because she called the cops on us.
      Mac: Why's he talking like that?
      Dennis: Well, wild card over here decided to lose his mind.
      Charlie: (in a southern accent) I say, I say, that's just damn preposterous, boy.
      Dennis: Well, now you're just talking like Foghorn Leghorn!

    • Mac: You're about to experience the hard knocks of a free market, bitch. Get ready to feel it where it hurts.
      Charlie: Your dick!
      Mac: No, not his dick. His--his wallet.

    • Mac: Guys, why aren't the brakes working?
      Charlie: Because I cut the brakes! Wild card, bitches! Yeeeeeeee-haw!

    • Dee: You're planting a baby monitor?
      Frank: Yeah. A lot of people are bugging their babies these days. I guess babies can't be trusted.
      Dee: What exactly is it you're expecting to find here?
      Frank: Lotta shady shit.
      Dee: Like what?
      Frank: Like maybe Bruce is banging dudes.
      Dee: Why would that be shady?
      Frank: Maybe the dudes are babies.
      Dee: What?! Bruce is not banging any baby dudes.

    • Mac: Yeah, is there any way that we can talk to your boss because I think he would understand more better.
      Bank Clerk: My boss is a woman.
      Mac: Really?
      Dennis: Your boss is a woman? Now, this is a strange bank.

    • Mac: I'm the brains, you're the looks, Charlie's the wild card, and Frank is the muscle.
      Charlie: Well, what's Dee?
      Mac: She's the useless chick.

    • Charlie: Hells yeah! We want to fill you up, if'n you were so inclines as to let us.

    • Mac: I think we've got to stick to the paradigm that we set up. The A-Team...
      Charlie: No, no, no! Your paragon is failing us, man.

    • Mac: Frank, does that waterboard really work?
      Frank: (laughs) You bet your ass! I got Dee to admit to things she never did!

    • Mac: We're getting plowed in the ass by the oil companies and the gas companies. With their ten-gallon hats and their rotten, ass-plowing hearts. So, as the brains of this organization, I came up with a plan.
      Dennis: Lay it on us, bud.
      Mac: It involves pulling up our bootstraps, oiling up a couple of asses and doing a little plowing of our own. Pow! (Charlie gives him a bewildered look) Not gay sex.

    • Dennis: (to Dee) Go away, I'm trying to draw breasts and pretty women.

    • Charlie: I can be very sensual with a woman, all right? (points to the Bank clerk) You will enjoy it.

    • Dennis: I kind of can't believe that you guys took off your shirts back there, man. I feel like you really sold me down the river. The Ghostbusters would never do something like that to each other.

  • NOTES (1)


    • Mac makes allusions to The A-Team, Scooby Doo, and The Ghostbusters while trying to convince Charlie and Dennis that they should follow the successful "looks, brains, wildcard" team dynamic.

    • Dennis: Well, now you're just talking like Foghorn Leghorn!

      As Dennis angrily points out, Charlie started talking like Foghorn Leghorn, the rooster in the old Warner Bros. cartoons who would say "I say, I say" in a sentence.