It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia

Season 5 Episode 3

The Great Recession

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Oct 01, 2009 on FXX
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Episode Summary

Seeing the effects of the recession, Mac and Dennis try to find a way to keep Paddy's pub going. Meanwhile, Frank and Dee go into business together.

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  • dissapointing

    this is probably my least favorite episode. the premise didn't interest me that much, the jokes were very hit or miss and that dave and buster thing really annoyed me. I'm still not sure if they meant it as a joke but it wasn't funny at all and it dragged on for too long even for this show. still, this episode wasn't a complete disaster. it did make me lol a few times and I liked the way Franks and Dee's story meeted with Charlie's in the end. "we live and die by the crab" was really funny. so overall I would say this is just an meh episode, nothing too bad, but from all episodes is definetly the worse.moreless
  • Frank's ridiculous suicide attempts are what got me.

    Frank gets broke because the government won't bail him out, so he decides the best thing to do is kill himself. Meanwhile, Charlie and Dee lose their jobs from the bar. One flaw from that is that in the first episode, Charlie is recognized as one of the owners when he, Mac, and Dennis get to vote about keeping the place a gay bar. If he's an owner, I don't see how he could get fired. Maybe it's a majority gang-up thing, but it still doesn't make sense. I didn't care for Dennis and Mac's plot. There was a little too much advertising for my liking, though Mac talking about using his points at TGI Friday's made me laugh quite a bit. I prefer the plot involving Dee and Frank selling vaccums and knives. The demonstration at the house was absolutely terrible (making it hilarious) and when Frank tried to off himself in the bathroom, I was rolling on the floor. Overall, it was good by my standards of good comedy in general, but for this show, 8.5 is an average episode at best.moreless
  • Another great installment.

    Wow, how much did Dave and Busters pay to get all this free publicity? At least it was enjoyable subliminal advertising. I lol'd when Mac said how he could not use his Dave and Busters PowerPlay card at TGI Friday's throughout Philadelphia. Great stuff.

    It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia, while still hilarious, fell off a bit during the fourth season with some weak, and unnecessarily peculiar storylines, but the show has reemerged as a top sitcom on television (up there with Curb Your Enthusiasm, 30 Rock and Californication).

    Hopefully they can keep this momentum going as the show hasn't had a bad episode this season yet.moreless
  • What's up with the hate towards this episode? It was hilarious, albeit one of the weaker episodes.

    Compared to the rest of the season, The Great Recession was a little step down.. but you can't expect every episode to be a home run. From what I hear, there's going to plenty of awesome episodes this season, so one or two weak ones (and by weak, I just mean not quite as good as the last two).

    No matter how hard Its Always Sunny tries, it's impossible for them to make an episode that just comes across as unfunny, and this episode was no exception. From the very beginning, where Mac and Dennis try to convince Charlie that slashing a guy's tired to make him go away is a stupid idea, to the very end, where Frank comes up with one of the stupidest ideas of all time for a business (Not just knives, no, knives and vacuums!), the episode kept finding ways to bring the laughs. Watching Charlie try to show Mac and Dennis his value in the bar was hilarious, especially the payoff line, where he describes how stars are created (and you can't deny it, especially if you don't know enough about stars to dispute it, at least according to Mac).

    The only thing I noticed is how much the episode seemed to be an advertisement for Dave and Busters. They kept throwing down all of these facts about the place and it seemed like they were trying to show upsides for viewers. It didn't help that there were Dave & Buster's commercials either during the episode.

    However, regardless of the downsides, there was enough funny to keep things sunny in Philidelphia this week.moreless

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    • Mac: Ever since the recession hit, waves of new people are suddenly broke. These people have no idea how to live without money. They're what's called new poor.

    • Charlie: Let's talk about the trash. What do I do with the trash? How do I dispose of the trash?
      Dennis: I don't know. We disposed of the trash on the dumpster last night? What are you doing with it?
      Charlie: I am taking it to the furnace.
      Mac: We have a furnace?
      Charlie: Absolutely. Where do you think the heat comes from?
      Dennis: You burn the trash in the furnace?
      Charlie: This bar runs on trash, dude. This bar is totally green that way.
      Dennis: How is burning trash green?
      Charlie: Ah, because I'm recycling the trash and the heat for the bar and lot's of smoke for the bar, giving the bar the smoky smell that we all like.
      Mac: The bar smells like trash.
      Dennis: That's exactly the opposite of green, Charlie.
      Charlie: Oh, I'm sorry. Well, I can put the trash into a landfill where's gonna stay for millions of years, or I can burn it up and get a nice smoky smell in here and let that smoke goes to the sky where it turns into stars.
      Mac: That doesn't sound right, but I don't know enough about stars to dispute it.

    • Dee: What's with the briefcase?
      Frank: I'm gonna start a new business. I created an empire before and I can do it again.
      Dee: Huh? You are really good at making money. Okay, I'm in.
      Frank: What are you talking about? What value are you to me?
      Dee: I'm desperate, so I'll do anything.
      Frank: Okay, that's good. Are you willing to destroy your credit?
      Dee: It's never really been a problem before.

    • Frank: All right, now, pretend that this shoe is an unboned chicken. And you're gonna cook it tonight, make a tasty dinner. It's gonna smell all through the house like cooked chicken.
      Beth: Actually, I'm vegan.
      Frank: Okay then pretend this shoe is whatever you people eat. Maybe it is a shoe.
      Dee: Nice one.

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