It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia

Season 1 Episode 3

Underage Drinking: A National Concern

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Aug 16, 2005 on FXX
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In order to make a little more profit on the side and in their minds, provide a safe environment for teenagers to have a good time, the guys take it upon themselves to lower the legal drinking age at Paddy’s Irish pub. Feeling that she missed out on a lot as a teenager due to having to wear a brace for her scoliosis, Dee begins dating a high school jock.moreless

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  • #1 Sunny Fan Review: #37

    I think that this will be a fan-favorite for most because it definitely captured some fans who watched season 1 before anything else. This episode implemented lots of story for future episodes such as The High School Reunion or The Waitress Is Getting Married. It was done correctly and did not turn the story into anything else that it didn't need to be. This was an episode that can be used as future references for story lines we will always love and never forget.moreless
  • The gang goes back to high school, sorta

    It was risky going for the underage drinking angle, but they make it work. The all-star this week is Charlie. Him getting into the gossip of the high school kids so quickly will have you laughing. Dee can't help herself to date the cool kid, Dennis is forced to go to the prom, and Mac feels left out and decides to crash the event anyway. From the start it was clear they were going to let the kids drink in the bar, but them trying to logically explain to themselves it was the right thing is a main highlight. Funny episode that you'd expect when the gang confronts a group of high school kids.moreless
  • 103

    I am astonished at how good this show is. This show keeps knocking these controversial topics out of the park! Seriously, a hilarious episode, not one episode yet has not made me laugh. Season one is comedic golden, and if this show continues to improve, it might become one of my favorite show. This episode dealt with of course underage drinking and statutory rape. All dealt with high schoolers looking for a good time at Paddy's Pub. Dee ends up getting really drunk for a high school guy, we've got some definite character development as the characters mentioned how it was for them in high school. Dee with the back brace, all of them being unpopular.

    Like said before, this show is not afraid to cross all the lines, when dealing with controversial topics, and this show is really original and funny, I would recommend it to anyone who asked.moreless
  • Fantastic!

    After noticing a rise in underage patrons, the gang decides to make a few accommodating adjustments for their younger crowd. In addition to assuaging their concerns of morality and responsibility, it allows the gang to both turn a profit and relive their high school years with a second chance at popularity. Ultimately, they get caught up in the petty politics and crushes of the high-schoolers. Dee, in particular, having a terrible time throughout her high school years, revels in the younger crowd and actually starts 'dating' a high school student. As usual, hilarity throughout, taboos all over the place, but, in the end, terrific entertainment.moreless
  • This episode was hysterical!

    I loved this episode! It is definately one of my favorites. It was extremely funny and particulary hysterical. I loved all the high schoolers and the gang being so pathetic that they wanted to go with them all to prom. Charlie was adorably funny in this befriending an annoying gossiping high school . Mac was hysterical being left out and not invited to prom. Then going solo to a HIGH SCHOOL prom! Dennis and Dee of course had to end up dumped. Luved the idea of creating a safe haven, though, for the teens to drink in - typical Charlie idea! =]moreless

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