It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia

Season 6 Episode 7

Who Got Dee Pregnant?

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Oct 28, 2010 on FXX
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When the guys learn that Dee is pregnant, they attempt to piece together what transpired at last year's Halloween party to figure out who's the father.

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  • Vintage Sunny.

    It's Always Sunny has always been good at doing episodes based on absolutely nothing and somehow stretching it out for 20 minutes when other shows can barely find enough interesting material in an easy plot for 21 minutes. However, we not only get a Halloween episode tonight but an episode that informs us that Dee's pregnant. And no, as a warning ahead of time, this isn't a cop-out, fake pregnancy like some other shows or sitcoms might do. Kaitlin Olsen got pregnant in real life and they wrote it into the show, which means we'll be getting the second half of the season as a focus on her pregnancy. And the show never felt rushed or too filled with scenes or information. The show moved at its own pace and was somehow able to include a slew of hilarious lines, images, scenes and more into twenty minutes and somehow remind us of how well-written the show can be when it's helmed by one of the showrunners.

    The episode begins with the gang making fun of Dee once again for eating a ton of sandwiches, and when she informs them that it's because she's pregnant and that one of them is the further, they stop making fun of her and everything becomes serious. We get an insane amount of flashbacks from each character, with each person having a different idea of what happened that night. Although we don't really know exactly what happened until the end, we do know this: Mac went as "Viggo Morten-stein, the guy from Lord of the Rings," Charlie went as the Phantom of the Opera (although he thought he was a vampire), Frank went as Spiderman (or a man-spider... it all depends on who you believe), Dennis went as Luigi and Dee went as an angel but was called a bird all night anyways just because she had wings.

    That's just the set-up. A web of events begin to happen, involving a woman dressed in a peacock costume, the Waitress showing up with a boyfriend and Charlie's attempts to appear chivalrous in his Phantom costume, Mac's hook-up with Margeret, the McPoyle's sister (disgusting) and Dee getting splashed with the McPoyle's milk. It's hard to explain everything without giving away the best moments, but let's just say that the episode goes to places you wouldn't expect it to and includes laughs in places people shouldn't laugh. All in all, this episode works well based on the strength of the writing. Between Mac's new phrase "browned out" and the entire conversation about whether or not the Phantom of the Opera actually ate people or not, there were so many little plots here that worked that it's impossible to see this episode as anything but the best of the season, perhaps one of the best of the last couple of seasons.

    I really hope we focus on the pregnancy at least a little bit for the rest of the season. And I also hope she doesn't get rid of the baby. It could not only be a great addition to the show that would help give the show new plots but could do something the show hasn't done before: give these characters forward momentum so it doesn't seem like they're caught doing nothing all the time. I loved the episode and can't wait to see what happens to Dee from here on out.moreless
  • Who got Dee pregnant?

    This isn't just a good episode this is perfect. Anyway This was flawless episode of sunny probably comparable to the Christmas special except its free (seriously what was up with that).

    This episode opened with the guys wanting to sneak into a museum to see if things will come to life at night(or just run away from security guards). Dee tells them shes pregnant but they don't care until she says one of them got her pregnant at the Halloween party. Now they must put all of there browns together and figure out who Banged Dee. This is a classic Who done it episode where the gang recalls what happened last Halloween night (in there own ways). I'm not gonna spoil too much but my favorite story came from Mac.

    *Spoilers Below*

    2 favorite....uh this episode was so good lets do 3 favorite quotes of the episode:

    Charlie: I'm a vampire because chicks are all into vampires because of the stupid twilight movies and im thinking what if the waitress is into it?

    Dennis: You are dressed like the phantom of the opera hes not a vampire

    Charlie: Well hes eaten people

    Dennis: No he hasn't

    Mac: He might have

    Dennis: I'm surprised you even know who the phantom of the opera is

    Mac: He might not

    Charlie: I don't.

    Mac: Since were saying things we say all the time let me just reiterate Dee we don't care about you or your body or that baby bird your probably carrying inside you.

    Ryan McPoyle: Shes still expecting a call

    Mac: Well im not gonna call her

    Liam McPoyle: You call heeeeeeeeeer!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Mac: OK fine ill call her.moreless
  • 607

    Classic It's Always Sunny here, we've got hilarious one liners, controversial topics, and character development. The part where I laughed the most was definitely Mac's perspective of things, when Dee was actually an ostrich, that was absolutely hilarious. The possibility of Dennis impregnating Dee was absolutely outrageous, but I wouldn't doubt it if this show did something like that, considering it is It's Always Sunny. I always love episodes like this, where everyone's perspective is taken accounted for, and how every story is different. This episode actually left me at the edge of my seat and the cold opening was very intriguing, and basically made this episode as exciting as it was. The whole switching costumes bit was great but they kind of overdid the Dee being a bird thing by the end, something that was hilarious at first was too overdone by the end, which will be my only complaint, but other than that this episode was pretty superb, very enjoyable Sunny tonight.moreless
  • 607

    Ugh, why do they keep bringing Artemis back? I mean, she was not terrible here, but this is a character that I do not think anyone is really a fan of and definitely could do without. This episode surely had some funny moments, but a lot of it was poorly-written, and just downright dumb. I am sorry, but the prospect of Dennis and Dee having a baby is too outrageous, even for a show that was once described as "Seinfeld on crack."

    It's Always Sunny tried a flashback episode here, and while not terrible, it just did not do it for me.moreless
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