It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia

Season 4 Episode 7

Who Pooped the Bed?

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Oct 09, 2008 on FXX

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  • Someone pooped the bed. Who was it? Was it Frank, with the old and feeble body? Was it Charlie, the filthy degenerate? Or was it a frame job? Mac and Dennis investigate, with a few surprises from Dee and her new "Sex in the City"-style girl gang.

    This week was a return to classic Sunny, and in my opinion, best of the season. The took a random and funny notion, pooping the bed, and gave it the full Sunny treatment. This episode really had everything you could ask for... two separate plotlines diverging in the end. Mystery, random insanity (wolf hair?! lol). The critic says he has a problem with the poo analysis, while I found myself laughing harder than I have in a very long while. Every scene was hilarious. The only moments I didn't find funny were some of the Dee-related scenes. Don't get me wrong, Dee is hilarious. But I feel that when she is apart from the boys she is much weaker. The waitress was great, Artimus was awesome at the end (although the bleached **** thing wasn't funny and made me gag).

    Charlie and Frank's relationship continues to grow stranger and funnier, while the whole Dennis being jealous thing shows that Sunny does have character arcs. While I wouldn't consider it a series classic, it has high rewatchability, unlike most of the other episodes from this season so far. I hope Sunny continues down this path of hilarious insanity, because those are the moments I enjoy the most over the course of the series.