It's Anybody's Guess

NBC (ended 1977)


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It's Anybody's Guess

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Monty Hall & Jay Stewart return to NBC in this Family Feud type show. Seven contestants (two competing & five panelists) make up the show. Monty reads a loaded question, IE: "Name someone who would wear a toupee". The pre-determined answer (Howard Cosell) is revealed to the competing contestant only. That player must decide whether they would guess the answer or not by choosing yes or no, then decide to play it safe (to let each panel member take a guess) or go for the longshot (to let seven take a shot @ the answer). Then Monty asked each panelist for an answer (an old man guessed Monty Hall that got the audience roaring). If the answer is right, the contestant won 1 point (or 2 points for the longshot), while the panelist gets credited & won a prize. If the contestant in control was wrong, the opponent would receive the points at stake. Competing contestants took turns until someone scored 5 points. The winner played a bonus round. In the bonus round, there were two answers to a question. The panel had two turns to make a guess. Each wrong guess gets $300 for the player. After 5 incorrect guesses, the champion picks one of the two right answers to have Money reveal. On the second go round, the contestant must decide to go or stop at that point. If the paneiists fail, the contestant won $5,000 & a new car! After the bonus round, the panelist who had the most correct guesses, became the next challenger while a new panelist was called from the studio audience. Contestants stayed up to 5 games, however, panelist played up to 2 games. So it would be possible to play 7 games total (2 as a panelist & 5 as the contestant). TRIVIA: The theme song would also be used as a Big Deal cue on the Canada version of Let's Make A Deal.moreless