It's Effin' Science

Wednesday 9:00 PM on G4 Premiered Jun 09, 2010 Between Seasons


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  • They were trying to do something, and they accomplished it. I'm still not sure what, though.

    Now that the Fox Reality Channel is no longer carried by my cable company, I guess something had to come along to fill the void of awfulness. That something is G4, which now boasts exactly one good thing - reruns of 'Cops' - and has devoted the rest of its time to seeing how much of a disappointment it can be. There used to be a few pretty good shows and movies on there, but most of them are gone, in favor of things like this. If you like your educational shows to be as crass and obnoxious as possible, this would be the show to try. They've decided to lift whatever they could from "Mythbusters" and "Jackass" without getting sued, but they threw in lots of drunken stupidity (Let's blow up a toilet! Why? Who cares?) to go after the walking stereotypes whom they think are the audience. The results turn out to be neither good comedy, nor instructional. They put bad jokes together with bad science. If you want to learn something, try "How It's Made." If you want to laugh, try some episodes of "Mystery Science Theater 3000." When you start out by cussing at your audience in the title, you don't have many places left to go.