It's Garry Shandling's Show

Showtime (ended 1990)





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  • This is the review to Garry's show. My review of Garry's show.

    I couldn't resist in the summary, but that theme song set the theme of the show. It was funny. I used to love this show, in my opinion it set the stage for shows like Seinfeld. It was a fun show, it was on a long time ago so I can't remember the specifics but I really do remember everyone sitting around in the living room laughing over it, and I most definitely remember Randy Newman's theme song.
  • A personal favourite and solely missed.

    This very original comedy, which originated on Showtime, then relocated to Fox, was a joy to watch. Garry Shandling may not be everybody's cup of tea, but to those who enjoyed his neurotic, self-effacing yet vain and confused humor would find this show a joy to watch.

    It simply was a show that surrounded the "life" of Mr. Shandling, his inability to keep a relationship with a woman, his duplex neighbours, the platonic friend who was once his girlfriend. And while it seemed to conduct this business in the ordinary type of TV studio, a la every other sitcom that was taped live in front of a studio audience, this show had one distinguishing trait, the third wall or the viewer who was frequently referenced and addressed to the point that the audience, both in the studio and at home, were a part of the show! Even the show's theme song was inspired--simple and direct ("This is the theme to Garry's show/the theme to Garry's show/Garry called me up and asked if I'd write this theme for him/...)!

    I realize that it was Mr. Shandling's later project, “The Larry Sanders Show" is more the critically darling of the two shows Garry has so far done, and while I was overall quite pleased with "Larry Sanders", this show I watched more loyally and still remember fondly. Can anyone tell me if this show has made it to DVD yet?