It's Garry Shandling's Show

Season 3 Episode 3

What's Happening to Me?

Aired Unknown Nov 04, 1988 on Showtime

Episode Recap

Garry is honored to find Los Angeles Mayor Tom Bradley in the audience, but he's worried that the mayor likes musicals. So he has a piano player on the show, as well as singing plumbers.

The Schumakers come over and explain (in song) that Grant's acting a lot weird.

In school, the science teacher pairs up Grant with Madeline. Madeline finds Grant attractive and wants him to study anatomy at her house.

Grant's worried about his puberty and decides to visit Madeline.

When the Schumakers find out Grant's gone, they ask for Garry's help to find him and to talk to him.

Garry finds Grant and as he was to explain, the piano player plays. But Garry refuses to sing, but he sings (a little) along with a Broadway style dance.

Grant couldn't take it and tells Madeline to wait a while. At that point, the cast performs a hoe down square dance (with Leonard as the caller). But the teacher stops the dance saying it's a school night. However, Mayor Tom Bradley proclaimed no school tomorrow for Grant Schumaker Day. The hoe down dance continues and the show ends.