It's Like, You Know...

ABC (ended 2000)


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It's Like, You Know...

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"Why is it that when people think of Los Angeles, they picture a place populated with vapid, neurotic, self-absorbed, flaky, narcissistic airheads? Because it's like, you know... true! Welcome to L.A., home to this eclectic clique of transplants and natives, all but one of whom think the City of Angels is sheer heaven. This is a revealing look at the City of Dreamers through the eyes of a diehard New Yorker. All of Tinsel town's pretenses-its Hollywood aura, its valley girls and its strange allure-are filtered through the mind of someone from a culture as foreign to the City of Glitter as a subway is to the Pacific Coast Highway. "Big Apple journalist and determined L.A.-phobe Arthur is visiting the west coast to write a book about the City of Angels. He's never been to L.A. before, but Arthur already knows what he hates. He plans to stay for only two months until the book is done. But will he be able to so easily pack up and leave, or will the magic of La La Land seduce him to stay? "Arthur's staying with his former college roommate, Robbie, another east coast transplant, now thoroughly a man of L.A. He found his fortune with an innovative pay-per-view TV scheme where people can celebrate the Jewish High Holy days in the comfort of their own homes ("Pay Per Jew"). As a member of the city's ubiquitous leisure class, he now fills his days driving around and sipping bottled water. Robbie has a friend, Shrug, a wealthy, young eccentric, whose money is old but whose purpose in life is always slightly beyond his grasp. To avoid the appearance of being just another of L.A.'s well heeled drifters, he'll cling to the preposterous story that his wealth comes from a $2,000-an-hour bookstore job. Living next door to Robbie is actress Jennifer Grey (playing herself). Lauren is typical of L.A., where nothing is quite what it seems: an adorable masseuse who also makes ends meet as a subpoena-carrying process server." (ABC promotional material)moreless
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  • A good, but not amazing show. Should have lasted longer.

    A good comedy show, similar to "Friends," tells us a story about a groud of friends, all different frome each other, who are just living their life in their own way. The episodes were written very good, but in a world where other more stronger shows work, this show couldn't last longer. The jokes were good, but just not good enough. After a hard day, when you return home and sit down and relax, this show is just what you need. A relaxing and funny show. Besides a good humor, the cast of the show is also very good. Jennifer Grey and A.J. Langer are doing a great job on the show, as well as the male cast. The show doesn't avoid critising life in L.A., and maybe that is what makes this show a bit more than average. So just relax, and enjoy.moreless

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