It's Like, You Know...

Season 2 Episode 5

Arthur 2: On the Rocks

Aired Unknown Oct 19, 1999 on ABC
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Arthur 2: On the Rocks
Arthur is offered a tempting job on an L.A. paper; Lauren is mad when she gets only one quote in the newspaper article about Arthur; Shrug's girlfriend claims that she had sex with him, but he doesn't remember anything; and Jennifer and Carrie Fisher desperately avoid calls from David Bowie.moreless

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      • A woman in a restaurant: (to all the people in the restaurant) Excuse me. Can anyone tell me why we're here? (everybody looks at her, it's quiet) I didn't think so. (exits)

      • Arthur: I can't believe everyone in L.A. loves my book. I swear, I don't see a point of living in a city where you can't offend people.

      • Jennifer: Make love? I hate that expression!

      • Robbie: Maybe she had a way with you while you were sleeping.
        Arthur: Like a succubus.
        Robbie & Shrug: A what?
        Arthur: Succubus. It's like a she-devil. It's a mythological female creature who has sex with men in their sleep and gradually robs them of their soul.
        Shrug: How long are you gonna be in town this time?

      • Robbie: (Anna Kurnikova is playing a match) If this match goes to a third set, she will be drenched in sweat, causing her tennis outfit to cleam, cleam to her body in a way that will empty your brain of all human experience leaving you to live out your days babbling cohereantly.

      • Robbie: She's the ultimate goddess of women's tennis.
        Shrug: What's her name again?
        Robbie: Anna Kurnikova.
        Shrug: What's my name again?

      • Dawn: I get your soul, and in return I give you something.
        Shrug: Uh, what do other guys usually exchange their souls for?
        Dawn: Money?
        Shrug: Don't need it.
        Dawn: Power?
        Shrug: Couldn't handle it.
        Dawn: Fame?
        Shrug: Not my cup of tea.
        Dawn: Personal fulfillment?
        Shrug: What the hell is that?

      • Shrug: Arthur, you're right, she's a scuttlebutt!

      • Lauren: At its best, Arthur's book underscores the irony of how LA, which has produced so much of American culture, lacks any real culture of its own.

      • Lauren: I think the master stroke of Arthur's book lies in how he captured the soul of an essentially souless city.
        Arthur: Wow, that's what I did. I didn't know that's what I did, but that's what I did.

      • Shrug: I'm gonna look up this shufflebutt on the internet.

      • Shrug: Oh my God, maybe she is a shuttlebus.
        Arthur: It's succubus, and it's a myth.

      • Arthur: Are you sure you didn't have sex?
        Shrug: Arthur, I was there the whole time.

      • Arthur: I don't see the point of living in a city where you can't even offend people.

      • Arthur: Why would Dawn lie?
        Lauren: Oh, so you just assume Dawn's lying?
        Arthur: Well, if someone's lying about sex it's always the person who says there was sex. Nobody ever lies and says there was no sex.
        Lauren: Are you familiar with the leader of the free world?

      • Robbie: Maybe she had her way with you while you were sleeping.
        Arthur: Like a succubus.
        Robbie & Shrug: A what?!

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