It's Like, You Know...

Season 2 Episode 4

Coast to Coast

Aired Unknown Oct 12, 1999 on ABC
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Coast to Coast
Arthur's scathing book on life in L.A. is released and is a critical disaster everywhere except L.A., where everyone loves it. Robbie can't break up with his dumb girlfriend when her publicist dies. Jennifer finds out that they mayor of L.A. is stealing lines from Arthur's girlfriend. Jennifer dodges her father while being in New York.moreless

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      • Shrug: Arthur once told me that his goal in life was to become a part of the New York litterati. And I said, "Well, you should join the L.A. litterati." And he said "L.A. does not have a litterati." And I said "Well, we should get a litterati." And Arthur said "L.A. will never have a litterati." And I said "What the hell is a litterati?"

      • Robbie: How do you get someone out of a coma?
        Shrug: Isn't there a book called 'Coma Care for Dummies?'

      • Arthur: The litterati's mad at me?
        Mr. Lynch: The litterati's very mad.
        Jennifer: What about the glitterati?
        Mr. Lynch: Who's the glitterati.
        Jennifer: The good-looking litterati. The ones who drive the Maserattis while listening to Pavarotti.

      • Jennifer: Bishops are allowed to have coffee?
        Bishop: Sure, we're not mormons.

      • Erika: Martha's a publicist. Martha doesn't believe in God, she believes in hype.
        Lauren: Y'know, Robbie, that girlfriend of yours is a homicide waiting to happen.

      • Bishop Rook's book: Savor your frankfurter as you would your life, with relish.

      • Woman in Simile: (to all the people in th restaurant) May I have your attention please? I said, may I have your attention please? Thank you. (exits)

      • Shaw Florence: So, describe Arthur Garment.
        Shrug: He is the finest human being I ever met. I may be overstating just a little bit. (stops) He is an OK guy.

      • Arthur: It sounded like you were saying I should feel something about something.
        Lauren: Why would I say something about the way you should feel anything?

      • Robbie: Next time maybe just write a novel.
        Arthur: Yeah, I once told my mother I want to write a novel. She said to me: "So, make something up."

      • Jennifer: You can't break up with an actress when her publicist's sick. That's like breaking up with a normal person when they're mother's dying.

      • Shrug: A good friend of mine wrote this book. A good friend of mine.
        Shaw Florence: You know Arthur Garment?
        Shrug: Do I know Arthur Garment? He occupied my guest house while researching the book.
        Shaw Florence: No kidding.
        Shrug: I saw this future literally giant's mind absorbing and digesting all the brilliant material gathered herewith.
        Shaw Florence: Are you almost finished with it?
        Shrug: I'm up to page 8.

      • Bishop: Arthur.
        Arthur: Bishop.
        Bishop: Jennifer.
        Jennifer: Jew. The biggest.

      • Mr. Lynch: She said reading your book was like undergoing ethnic cleansing.

      • Arthur: You rememberg Jennifer Grey?
        Mr. Lynch: Yes, of course. When I was in L.A., you completely ignored me.
        Jennifer: Oh stop it, it was my pleasure.

      • Robbie: (to Erika) Where did you order your sandwich? From IKEA?

      • Arthur: I'm so happy I'm living vicariously through me.

      • (on the phone)
        Arthur: Did you get those advance copies of my book?
        Robbie: Ah, yeah but I just read the stuff about me.
        Arthur: Ah, there's nothing in there about you.
        Robbie: All right, you caught me.

      • Erika: Oh, I need to get some candles. My dog is having his digestive track adjusted.

      • Arthur: The only thing I miss about L.A. is you get your dry-cleaning back on the same day.

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