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  • Season 2
    • Hoop Dreams
      Hoop Dreams
      Episode 18
      The gang reflects on what they were doing when basketball star Latrel Sprewell choked his coach. Lauren's massage client was about to jump out a window, Shrug met a black man, Robbie and Jennifer were in bed together when Shrug phoned Robbie to tell him the news, and Arthur was interviewing the model Veronica Webb.moreless
    • Lust for Life
      Lust for Life
      Episode 17
      Shrug and Robbie buy a Van Gogh painting as an investment. Meanwhile, Maureen McCormick and Estelle Getty help Jennifer take on Evan the Terrible, and Lauren finds out the real truth about her friend.
    • Raw Deal
      Raw Deal
      Episode 16
      Shrug has trouble timing sex with his girlfriend.
    • The Quick and the Dead
      Jennifer's press agent is killed by a massage from Lauren, and the gang attend his funeral.
    • Walking Tall
      Walking Tall
      Episode 14
      Robbie's new girlfriend faces discrimination because she's a "walkie".
    • Trading Places
      Trading Places
      Episode 13
      Arthur lands the starring role in a sitcom.
    • Heat
      Episode 12
      Sparks fly when Jennifer dates a detective who moonlights as a volunteer fireman, and Robbie breaks the news to Shrug about buying a house. Meanwhile, Arthur frets about the ambiguity of his relationship with Lauren.
    • The Apartment
      The Apartment
      Episode 11
      Jennifer agrees to televise her appendix surgery live on Robbie's new Pay-Per-Cut cable show; Shrug hires himself a nanny; and Arthur's failed college career rears its ugly head when his cousin blackmails him into giving up his New York apartment -- or the cousin will spill the beans about Arthur never having graduated from college.moreless
    • Summer of '42
      Summer of '42
      Episode 10
      Arthur freezes up when he enters into a May-December fling; Jen fakes her feelings for capital punishment to impress a hunk who's pro the death penalty; and Robbie sets Lauren up with a socially bankrupt stockbroker.
    • The Life of Brian
      Jennifer's phone number catches the eye of a war-happy Serbian leader; Arthur's old college friend Brian steals anecdotes from Arthur's life to elevate his own status; Shrug and Lauren end up on the same PMS cycle.
    • Hollywood Shuffle
      Jen becomes godmother to twins apparently named after Robbie, who had a one-night fling with the mother; a sexual-harassment lawyer sexually harasses Arthur; and Shrug searches out some stress to relieve his back pain.
    • The Sweet Smell of Success
      Lauren has a spiritual awakening after God's image appears on a billboard, looking like the famous ex of Robbie's date, Val Kilmer. Meanwhile, Shrug helps his ex-con buddy Hilo open a smell bar.
    • Lost in America
      Lost in America
      Episode 6
      Jennifer and Lauren fight over their manicurist's vibrating chair; Arthur falls for his date's psychiatrist; and Robbie and Shrug search for the perfect out-of-town girl.
    • Arthur 2: On the Rocks
      Arthur is offered a tempting job on an L.A. paper; Lauren is mad when she gets only one quote in the newspaper article about Arthur; Shrug's girlfriend claims that she had sex with him, but he doesn't remember anything; and Jennifer and Carrie Fisher desperately avoid calls from David Bowie.
    • Coast to Coast
      Coast to Coast
      Episode 4
      Arthur's scathing book on life in L.A. is released and is a critical disaster everywhere except L.A., where everyone loves it. Robbie can't break up with his dumb girlfriend when her publicist dies. Jennifer finds out that they mayor of L.A. is stealing lines from Arthur's girlfriend. Jennifer dodges her father while being in New York.moreless
    • The Long Goodbye
      The Long Goodbye
      Episode 3
      Robbie's idea for a film about black men in space, "Do the Right Stuff," is stolen by a Hollywood movie producer; and Arthur has ambivalent feelings about leaving L.A. to go back home to New York.
    • Enchanted April
      Enchanted April
      Episode 2
      A significantly surreal episode in which the other characters are interrogated by a documentarist about Robbie's breakup with his latest girlfriend, but in typical L.A. fashion wind up talk mainly about themselves.
    • Twins
      Episode 1
      Lauren dates a television star who is a Siamese twin; Jennifer alters her birth date in a government computer and almost loses her identity -- especially when her father (whom Jennifer is avoiding on a trip to New York) hires Shrug to expose the woman who is "impersonating" Jennifer.
  • Season 1
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