It's Like, You Know...

ABC (ended 2000)


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  • A good, but not amazing show. Should have lasted longer.

    A good comedy show, similar to "Friends," tells us a story about a groud of friends, all different frome each other, who are just living their life in their own way. The episodes were written very good, but in a world where other more stronger shows work, this show couldn't last longer. The jokes were good, but just not good enough. After a hard day, when you return home and sit down and relax, this show is just what you need. A relaxing and funny show. Besides a good humor, the cast of the show is also very good. Jennifer Grey and A.J. Langer are doing a great job on the show, as well as the male cast. The show doesn't avoid critising life in L.A., and maybe that is what makes this show a bit more than average. So just relax, and enjoy.