It's Me or the Dog (UK)

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It's Me or the Dog (UK)

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From unruly hounds to pampered poodles, dog trainer Victoria Stilwell has seen them all. Filmed in the United Kingdom, this show provides easy hands on advice on how to correctly train your dog! Victoria uses her 10 years of experience to help you find harmony in your house.

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AIRED ON 7/14/2012

Season 6 : Episode 5

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  • One of the very best dog trainers in the world!!! Excellent resource for dog owners and trainers on how to creatively and successfully use positive training methods!!! Victoria = Good, modern, successful methods. Cesar Milan = negative, outdated methods.moreless

    Victoria is one the best dog trainers around!! Modern research on domestic dogs shows and the majority of professionally trained, college educated animal behaviorists agree that Positive Training Methods are the only humane and long-lasting method of training!! Luckily, she shares her successful, positive training methods on every episode.

    Cesar Milan's (Dog Whisperer) method's are archaic, outdated, and based on very old, debunked research on wolves and feral dogs. Domestic dogs are very different in many ways than wolves. Use Cesar Milan's methods if you want your dog to fear you and want to damage your dog mentally.

    Use Positive Training as shown on It's Me or The Dog if you want a well trained dog with whom you have a positive, loving relationwhip!!!!moreless
  • victoria stillwell or whatever her name is knows nothing about trianing dogs she dosnt fix the problem she just finds ways around them one time when i was watching she took a dog to a dog park the dog got into a fight with another dog and she did nothingmoreless

    victoria stillwell or whatever her name is knows nothing about trianing dogs she dosnt fix the problem she just finds ways around them one time when i was watching she took a dog to a dog park the dog got into a fight with another dog and she did nothing but yell at the dog witch did nothing if u want to fix the problem i sugest you watch the dog whisperer or u can listen to someone who knows nothing about dogs cesar shows how to permanely fix the problem he dosnt sugest getting them fixed or go out of the room and set up speakers and cameras like victoria and wait for them to do something wrong and then yell at them in fact i dont think he has ever yelled at a dog because it dosnt work

    all victoria does is walk around in her high heels with a pony tail saying no no no dont do that and bad Dogs Cant Understand English they dont know wat no or bad means thier not little kids this isnt nanny 911 lmao mabe thats what she should go and do is be a nanny and stop acting like a professional dog trainermoreless
  • A bad copy of the dog whisperer as it 1st appeared a year after dog whisperer 1st aired.

    What the other viewer said about it not being a bad copy of the dog whisperer is wrong and that the shows appeared at the same time.. The dog whisperer appeared in Sep 04 while its me or the dog appeared allmost 1 year later in august 2005.. So it is a bad rip off of the dog whisperer, get your facts right before you go posting false information in future.

    I've watched both and I can say that I do indeed see it as a bad copy of dog whisperer, I don't think victoria has anywhere near the skillset that Cesar Millan has got, he has a natural ability... dogs look upto him as a leader.moreless
  • cesar - yale university, dog's psychology.years of practice,awards,help within few minutes victoria - a trainer, using words(dogs dont understand words:)instead of energy although she tries to stress the importance of energy but she's not using itmoreless

    she's doing basic mistakes which a many years in practice trainer would immediately point out. no good walking habits, too much of food inspiration.. that means no respect to the owners but to food :) she's not training the people too much, she's kind of too weak although she's trying and means it well. but i believe that victoria with a little bit of help would become a real professional. overall i dont see the point of airing this show, a regular person with a little bit of natural sense of what doggies need can do the same job. the trainer with years of practice immediately notices her mistakes. the show is about money, not about its quality. i feel sorry for her, sometimes she really upsets me when i see her "training" on tv but at the same time it's cool to see what things i should avoid (meaning her way of doing things) :) however, she's a good person and i wish her all the best and i hope for her that one day she meets Cesar and they together could create a great team, she could learn so much and would become another dog whisperer, we need professionals!moreless
  • a bad copy of Dog Whisperer....

    It's Me or the Dog is a show where a professional trainer, Victoria, goes to homes with problem dogs and teaches the dogs how to behave and teaches the owners how to properly train their dogs. This is a copy off the great show Dog Whisperer and it is a lot worse. The host is really annoying. Her accent and her voice is just annoying and it's hard to listen to her for more than a minute. She seems to have some good advice, but nothing special. Overall, a copy -cat show that is no where as good as the oringinal.moreless
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