It's Punky Brewster

NBC (ended 1987)


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Episode Guide

  • Season 2
    • Caught In The Act
      Caught In The Act
      Episode 13
      Henry spots Glomer raiding the refrigerator. In his panic, Glomer casts a spell giving Henry amnesia. Poor timing as Henry is due for an important photography job. Glomer concocts an antidote but it makes Henry think he's an Indy 500 race car driver, a football quarterback, and a rock star.
    • Allen Who?
      Allen Who?
      Episode 12
      Tired of being dumped on after nearly spoiling a coach's surprise party, Allen wishes he were never born. Glomer grants his wish and then shows him what life would be like without him.
    • Mother of the Year
      Mother of the Year
      Episode 11
      Every little girl in the neigborhood is entering their mom in a mother-daughter contest...everyone except motherless Punky, that is. Glomer creates a mother for her, but Punky becomes brusque about it, feeling that she and Henry get along just fine. Besides, the glomley-created mother has uncontrolled glomley powers.
    • Bright Eyes
      Bright Eyes
      Episode 10
      A deaf boy named Danny wants to keep a lost puppy as a pet. He names the pup Bright Eyes and convinces his mom to let him take the pup to an obedience class. Glomer causes a disruption at the class, causing Danny to find a new home for Bright Eyes.moreless
    • Camp Confusion
      Camp Confusion
      Episode 9
      At summer camp, an Olympics competition is staged between camps Towering Pines (where Margaux is staying) and Tumbleweeds (Punky's camp). Punky single-handedly wins two events but Margaux accuses her of using Glomer as an assist. Glomer offers to stay with Margaux to help Punky save face, but when ensuing events go wrong for Camp Tumbleweed, Punky suspects Glomer of being a traitor.moreless
    • Punky's Half Acre
      At that farm of Punky's pen pal Judy, Margaux's prissiness causes problems. Hearing the others talk about her, she tries to do a make-good by cleaning the farm's prize pig Lancelot. In the process, Lancelot escapes from his pen just before his entry into the state fair.
    • Mississippi Mud
      Mississippi Mud
      Episode 7
      Henry is off to get photos of a Mississppi riverboat but forgets his camera. Glomer offers to take the kids to deliver the camera, but instead he takes them to 1860s Mississippi where they meet two kids having trouble keeping their riverboat afloat.
    • Punky P.I.
      Punky P.I.
      Episode 6
      Punky opens a detective service with her locker as headquarters. Her first client is school brain Herbert, whose hamburger-making machine for the "Build A Better World" exhibition is being sabotaged.
    • Call Me Ms.
      Call Me Ms.
      Episode 5
      Punky bristles when Henry hires babysitter, so she wishes she were older. Glomer turns her into an adult. As a result, her friends avoid her thinking she's a stranger. Punky tries to get a job as a waitress but everything that could go wrong does.
    • All in Henry's Family
      Henry brings Punky and Cherie with him to spend the weekend with his eccentric aunts, Martha and Veronica. Punky and Cherie get lost in the hallways of the house where they hear what they think is a plot to do away with Henry and them.
    • Fair Feathered Friend / Be My Glomley
      1. Glomer is jealous of a little bird Punky is nursing back to health. After a falling out with Punky, Glomer moves out into the treehouse. 2. Glomer's Valentine's Day glomley love call is answered by Glomine, a female glomley that got stranded from Chaundoon by a storm. Could Glomine be Glomer's ticket back to Chaundoon, even if it means leaving his beloved Punky?moreless
    • Punky, Snow White & the Seven Dwarfs / Punky the Heiress
      1. Glomer's magic causes the characters from the Snow White fairy tale to come out of the book...including the wicked Queen. 2. Punky's aunt Rose and uncle Roy invite her to the Chester Henderson mansion under the pretense that they have found her mother. What Punky doesn't know (until Glomer tells her) is that she is dressed like Henderson's granddaughter Debra so Rose and Roy can use her to embezzle Debra's $50 million inheritance.moreless
    • Little Orphan Punky / Punky's Millions
      1. A social worker places Punky in a home who is using little girls as slave labor for a candy factory. Punky obtains videotape of the activities and must sneak out to the TV station to expose it. 2. Punky and Henry win a jackpot on a show called "Can You Spend It?" but to collect, they must spend an extra $1 million in two days. It's up to Punky and her pals as Henry has come down with chicken pox.moreless
  • Season 1