It's Punky Brewster

NBC (ended 1987)


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  • I miss it. I miss Solei Moon Frye.

    The show is a part of alot of peoples lifes. Also, it could be again... if you can get the cast back together. And also, make some new cast members in the mix. I would love to see this show get new life again. Also, I am a huge Solei Moon Frye fan. She is a great actress and a wonderful woman, if I could.... I would give her a big kiss in the cheek and tell her, "You are a work of art." All of the artests in this world can not make you more prefect.
  • Cute Show!

    I don't remember ever watching the live TV show, but I have fond memories of the cartoon. I wish they would release it to DVD.
  • I love this cartoon. This was a great cartoon. It\'s Punky Brewster was based on the live action show Punky Brewster. And the people who played on Punky Brewster did the voice for the It\'s Punky Brewster Cartoon Show. This was a very cool show. And it al

    It\'s Punky Brewster was a very cool cartoon. The people who played on the live action tv show did the voices for the It\'s Punky Brewster cartoon show. It\'s Punky Brewster is about Punky who finds this little furry creature by the name of Glomer. Punky and Glomer become the very best of friends. Glomer has magic powers. And can do pretty much what Punky wants him to do. They can even go to far away places. If you love this cartoon like I do and want to see some of the episodes again then I suggest that you go out and buy season 1 and season 2 of Punky Brewster on DVD and go to the bonus features and there you can watch some of the It\'s Punky Brewster cartoon. Enjoy!!!!