It's Punky Brewster - Season 1

NBC (ended 1987)


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Episode Guide

  • Unidentified Flying Glomer / How the Midwest Was Won
    1. Punky has to keep Glomer in the treehouse after an animal groomer spots him chasing a bird and Henry spots him in the house thinking he's a rat. Punky throws Henry and the groomer off the trail with some fur and Allen's model airplane. 2. In 1803 Chicago, Punky, Allen and Glomer run afoul of poacher Pierre LePelt.moreless
  • Any Wish Way You Can / The Bermuda Tangle
    1. The wish spell Glomer intended for Punky hits Margaux instead. Margaux uses one of the wishes that she were a queen and the others are her servants. Punky conspires to make Margaux use her last wish to get everyone home. 2. Glomer takes the kids to a deserted tropical island and then loses his powers after getting hit on the head by a coconut. In the interim, Cherie and Allen build a shelter, Margaux looks for a hotel and Punky builds a raft.moreless
  • Switchin' Places / The Perils of Punky
    1. To impress a girl named Arlene, Allen switches personalities with Glomer. When all apears to go well, Allen refuses to switch back to his own body. 2. Glomer has the kids change places with the characters in an adventure movie where they have to find a powerful stone before the movie ends.moreless
  • Spellbound / Louvre Affair
    1. Punky makes the national spelling bee. To help her out, Glomer zaps a bee with the ability to make people spell out words when it lands on them. Punky refuses because that would be cheating, so Glomer lets it go leading the kids to disrupt a senator's picnic. 2. Glomer claims he can make a statue of Henry, which he does. Henry is mistaken to be a real statue and is flown to the Louvre museum in Paris.moreless
  • Growing Pain / Double Your Punky
    1. Pepperoni pizza makes Glomer sneeze, and everytime he sneezes he grows. Punky tries to find a way to reduce him before his size gives him away. 2. Will the real Punky Brewster please stand up?: While Punky is at a school picnic, Glomer creates a clone of her from a photo to keep him company at home. But he creates an obnoxious Punky who escapes. In his confusion, Glomer zaps the sweet Punky back into the photo and throws it away.moreless
  • Glomer Punks Out / The Shoe Must Go On
    1. Glomer enters a musical contest adopting a punk persona and wins. A sleazy mananger takes notice and signs Glomer to a U.S. tour. Punky has to find a way to break Glomer's contract. 2. Glomer zaps Cherie's shoes so she'll be able to dance in the school's talent contest. The shoes escape on their own power and are taken by rival Leonora Crump.moreless
  • Halloween Howlers / Fish Story
    1. Glomer spends his first Halloween with Punky and her friends. He proceeds to turn everyone who doesn't give him a treat into a pumpkin, assuming it the "trick" part. 2. Punky wants to win the role of a mermaid in a school play over Margaux, so Glomer goes one better. He turns Punky into an actual mermaid.moreless
  • Return to Chaundoon / Christmas in July
    1. The rainbow gateway to Chaundoon appears. Glomer brings Punky with him so she can meet his parents, but they--and everyone else is alseep. The town alarm clock has been stolen by the Great Grembly, who plans to raid Chaundoon's gold mine. 2. Glomer claims to know Santa Claus in person and takes the kids to the North Pole to meet him. A time anomaly occurs, so Punky and her friends try to straighten the mess out.moreless
  • Punky Wise and Pound Foolish / A Small Mistake
    1. Punky buys a baseball glove with the money she was supposed to spend on Brandon's license. Brandon gets locked up in a pound and Punky must raise $25 to spring him. But too late...Brandon is sold to a rodeo circus clown. 2. Glomer's beverage gets spilled on the kids, causing them to shrink. They are pursued by a cat who is on the scent of the tuna and banana sandwich in Allen's pocket.moreless
  • Brandon the Dialogue Dog / Winning Isn't Everything
    1. Glomer gives Punky's dog Brandon the ability to talk. A sleazy magazine reporter notices it and dognaps Brandon with the dream of getting rich. 2. The kids try to win a new TV set at a department store contest and get locked in the store after closing time.
  • Pretty Ugly / Glomer's Story
    1. Punky talks Margaux into attending dweeb Avery Bigelow's dad's party so she can win a photo job for Henry. In primping Margaux up, Glomer prepares a facial that turns Margaux's face into a glomley face. Punky has to disguise herself as Margaux until the facial wears off. 2. Punky recalls the day she met Glomer.moreless
  • The Gold Rush / Phar Out Pharoah
    1. Glomer accidentally frees a bad leprechaun, Bad Barney, from a plate he was imprisoned in for stealing Chaundoon's gold. Barney goes on a gold-stealing spree. 2. Margaux buys a necklace which Glomer learns is an Egpytian artifact. Glomer takes the kids to ancient Egypt to return it, where Margaux is mistaken as the princess Tut Tut.moreless
  • Punky to the Rescue / The Quartersize Quarterback
    1. Punky coerces Henry to take a skydiving photo job in Florida. Henry gets lost in swamp, and Punky is overcome by guilt that she's sent Henry to be captured by a swamp monster. 2. Glomer gives Allen the abilities of a pro football player. Allen wins a spot on the Chicago Bears roster, but that night Glomer tells Punky that Allen's magic has a time limit.moreless