It's The Wolf

Season 1 Episode 12

Mask Me No Questions

Aired Saturday 12:00 AM Nov 22, 1970 on ABC

Episode Recap

Lambsy tells Bristle Hound that he has written to his television hero, the Masked Avenger, to come and save him from being caught by Mildew Wolf. Bristle Hound is skeptical of the request and thinks that he does a better job than anyone.

Lambsy wanders around and it isn't long before Mildew tries to catch him and Lambsy calls for help and Bristol arrives on the scene and dispatches the wolf quickly. Mildew tries several other times and this time Bristle Hound arrives dressed as the Masked Avenger and dispatches the wolf.

Mildew gets an idea and drives up to Lambsy in a studio tour bus and offers to take him on a free tour. Lambsy happily accepts and hops on. Mildew tries to catch Lambsy on a couple of the film locations but Lambsy remembers the episodes of the Masked Avenger and he pummels the wolf with the traps that had been set up.

Lambsy finally meets the actor who plays the Masked Avenger and Mildew catches up with him. The Masked Avenger sees Mildew and runs away. Lambsy is disappointed and the wolf grabs him. Lambsy yells for help and Bristle Hound shows up and gets rid of Mildew again. Lambsy is glad that he has a real life hero in Bristle Hound.