It's The Wolf

Season 2 Episode 2

Wolf in a Sheep's Clothing

Aired Saturday 12:00 AM Sep 19, 1970 on ABC
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Wolf in a Sheep's Clothing
Little Bo Peep has lost her sheep and Bristle Hound and Lambsy help her look as Mildew plots to get Lambsy for himself by trying to trick the little lamb. Will Mildew have lamb for dinner or will Bristle Hound throw him into the next county?

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      • Mildew: Turn-about is foul play. (laughs) Little humor there.

      • (Mildew is disguised as Little Boy Blue and has just been caught by Bristle Hound)
        Bristle: If you're Little Boy Blue, then I'm the Pied Piper.
        Mildew: Oh good. Can you whip off a few bars of When the Mice Come Marchin' In?
        Bristle: I'm gonna whip up somethin'. Guess who?
        Mildew: Let's cut out the humor stuff, shall we? Your kind of humor just doesn't send me.
        Bristle: I'll send ya all right, special delivery.
        (Bristle Hound throws Mildew far away)
        Mildew: Spoil-sport!

      • Mildew: Let's knock off the heavey-handed humor, shall we? (Bristle Hound throws Mildew far away) Meddlesome mutt!

      • (Lambsy finds Mildew dressed as Bo Peep and Mildew acts like he is upset)
        Lambsy: Don't cry, Little Miss Muffet. I'll catch us some curds and whey.
        Mildew: Oh for goodness sake. I'm not Little Miss Muffet, lamb-brain. I'm Little Bo Peep and I've lost my sheep. Hmm, you look like one of my wooly wanderers.

      • (Bristle Hound uses his Shepard's hook to grab Mildew and the sheep disguise falls off)
        Bristle: If you're a sheep, then I'm little Red Riding Hood.
        Mildew: Pleased to meet ya. How's Granny? A-and the woodchopper, still hanging around?
        Bristle: Yeah, but the wolf's taking a trip.
        (Bristle flings Mildew in the air with the hook)
        Mildew: Canine kibitzer!

      • (Lambsy find Mildew disguised as a sheep)
        Lambsy: Say, you have a very strange sheep-shape for a sheep. Who could it be? A waiter from Decatur? Or an Aria from Tosca? I know. You're a wool-uff in sheep's clothing! It's the wool-uff! It's the wool-uff!

      • (Lambsy finds Mildew Wolf dressed as a sheep)
        Lambsy: Hello, Mr. Sheep. Do you belong to Bo Peep?
        Mildew: No, I belong to the Elks and we only meet on Thursdays.

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