It's Your Move

NBC (ended 1985)




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It's Your Move

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After Jason Bateman had shown just how funny he could be on Silver Spoons, he was given his own show called It's Your Move. Unlike most family sitcoms of the time, Silver Spoons included, It's Your Move emphasized clever humor and witty writing over typical plots involving normal family behaviors such as those seen on Family Ties and Growing Pains. It's Your Move often had a moral of some kind, but it was delivered in a Simpsons-esque way rather than shoving it down your throat. The show revolves around a smart, 14-year-old kid named Matthew Burton who, with the help of his slightly chubby crony, Eli, keenly pulls off schemes and pranks that would impress Ferris Bueller. Matthew lives in an apartment with his mother, Eileen, an attractive, single woman who attracts men like flies to a horse. Matthew, of course, is very protective of her and uses his clever tricks and schemes to weed out any of the losers who might want to take advantage of Eileen's kindness and naivete. Eileen, however, is completely oblivious to her son's antics and believes that he is as sweet and innocent as she is. Matthew also lives with his older sister, Julie, for whom Eli has a huge crush. Unlike her mother, Julie often sees through her brother's plans and offers up any trouble she can. Nevertheless, Matthew even has his bratty sister under control and is the master of his destiny. Things change when a struggling writer named Norman moves into the apartment across the hall and immediately falls in love with Eileen. Eileen feels the same for Norman who treats her well. Matthew doesn't share his mother's sentiments and feels that she should be dating rich, good-looking guys - both of which Norman is not. Thus, Matthew sets out to ruin Norman's chances with Eileen with one of his hilarious setups, but Norman turns out to just as be as clever and turns the tables on Matthew. The series basically consists of the two adversaries trying to dupe each other. The two characters were very likable, and their schemes were so cleverly crafted that it was easy to enjoy the show when either guy pulled one over on the other. Unfortunately, the series was disliked by adults because it portrayed a child out of the control of his parent. Eventually, Eileen became aware of her son's pranks and the balance between the characters went off-kilter. The show performed even more poorly and was quickly canceled. The show later enjoyed a brief resurgence in reruns on the USA Network. Main Title Theme Song "It's Your Move" by Rik Howard and Bob Wirth NBC Broadcast History September 26, 1984 - December 19, 1985 ---- Wednesdays ---- 9:30 - 10:00 P.M. January 2, 1985 - March, 1985 ---- Saturdays ---- 9:30 - 10:00 P.M. June, 1985 - August 19, 1985 ---- Saturdays ---- 8:30 - 9:00 P.M. Nielsen Ratings - Top 30 Season 1 (1984-1985) Not In Top 30 Youth in Film Awards Nominations Best Young Actress Starring In A Television Series 1984-1985 - Tricia Cast First Telecast: September 26, 1984 Last Telecast: February 23, 1985 Episodes: 18 color episodes


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