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NBC (ended 1985)





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  • This show was brill.

    I watched this show as a young teenager on BBC in the UK. It was the first time I had seen Jason Bateman and I've looked out for his programmes/films ever since. It is still one of my most fondly remembered shows - it was tv gold and should have been given at least a second run. I am sure if it was given an official Dvd release it would prove to be very popular.
  • Loved this show!

    I always loved this show and hated when they cancelled it. Does anyone know if you can buy a dvd for this show?
  • Matthew Burton (played by Jason Bateman) is a clever, scheming 14-year old who's smarter than most of the adults in his world and gets just about everything he wants... until Norman Lamb (played by David Garrison) moves in across the hall and starts datin

    "It's Your Move" show was, and still is one of my all-time favorites. Jason Bateman was AMAZING talent at just 14-years-old, and he was well-matched with David Garrison. It's sad that NBC caved in to a handful of complaints, meddled with the show and effectively ruined it. I mean, "It's Your Move" was pretty tame by today's standards -- certainly more tame than the so-called 'children's programming' my 7-year-old daughter watches on Nickelodeon or the Disney Channel. As obscure as the show was and small as it's fan-base is today, I still hope the relative success of "Arrested Development" will inspire someone to release "It's Your Move" on DVD. Jason Bateman must feel snakebit -- he keeps turning in brilliant, hilarious performances and his series keep getting prematurely cancelled.
  • A funny sitcom that revolves around a teenager who is locked in a battle of wits with his mom's boyfriend.

    I believe the interaction between Matthew and Norman is a very integral part of this show. That makes it somewhat different from its competitors. The only downside for this show is the fact that sometimes the situations are just too unbelievable for the characters to actually be in. It is almost insulting to believe that a 15 year old kid could get away with treating adults in the way that Matthew does, or that he could in fact get away with most of the things he does. Of course, that is all part of the fun of this show. Use your imagination and watch this one, it really is a funny and great show.
  • My Life On TV

    I have always had mixed feelings about this show. On one hand was it funny, hilarious and before it's time. Jason Bateman had originated this role of a teenage con-artist as Derek Taylor on the surprise hit, "Silver Spoons," but by time he got his own show, the role had been expanded upon into some very large scale covert operations with listening devices and secret plots, a sort of "Parker Lewis" for it's time. The show was also a nightmare for me too, because I used to have a friend named Matthew Burton (Bateman's character), and we used to brag about stunts we had never really done. We both got a lot of flak from this show, and I think we enjoyed the attention a little bit. I've lost contact with him, but today when when we see each other, he reminds me of when we strung up the school skeletons for the concert. It never happened of course, but of course it's how we remember the show. I think both of us would have killed to have a mom who looked like Caren Kaye or a sister like Tricia Cast. Garrett Morris could never have been my principal, he was too laid back. David Garrison though I think we would have been friends with, especially if we could have predicted he'd be later moving in next door to Christina Appegate !
  • I have to agree that this show was ahead of it's time. I can remember watching this as a kid on USA with a lot of other obscure shows that didn't go much further than a season or two...

    I have to agree that this show was ahead of it's time. I can remember watching this as a kid on USA with a lot of other obscure shows that didn't go much further than a season or two.

    If only we had the cable channels of today back then, like Comedy Central. Even Fox takes the occasional risk and allows someone to be offensive.

    Unfortunately, we'll probably never even see these shows on DVD. Not because they aren't good enough but because the companies who own the rights don't want to cut through the red tape to get it done.

    Ofcourse based on the reviews for this show there probably aren't too many people who even know it exists.