Kuda Bux - The "Sightless" Reader

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    Kuda Bux - Hindu Magician

    I can't find his episode by looking at the IGAS episode guide, but recently we saw a man who could "read" while his eyes were covered with soft dough, cotton was placed over his face, and his head was bandaged in long strips of cloth. His name was Kuda Bux. The secret to how he performed his trick is revealed here:


    In case the web site disappears in the future, here is the text pertaining to Kuda Bux, written by Martin Gardner of the Skeptical Inquirer, Summer 1994.


    Kuda Bux, a magician from India, was famous for his eyeless-vision act. Because he is no longer living, and no performer now uses his method, I will explain here, perhaps for the first time, exactly how he managed to see.

    After large globs of soft dough were pushed over Kuda's eyes, a black blindfold was tied over the dough. Assistants then wrapped his entire head with a long strip of cloth of the sort used to make turbans. The cloth swathed his entire face from chin to forehead, giving him the appearance of a mummy.

    After his face was swathed, Kuda would raise his hands to adjust the portion of the cloth that crossed his nose. Beneath his fingers, his thumbs, unseen by the audience, would push up through the dough, along the sides of his nose, to form two tunnels that reached to the inside corners of his eyes. In a few more minutes the dough would harden, leaving permanent passages through which both eyes could peek.


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