I've Got a Secret (1952)

Season 14 Episode 2

January 24, 1966

Aired Unknown Jan 24, 1966 on CBS
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January 24, 1966
Steve Allen is introduced as host and pounds timpani drums, saying "Thank you and welcome to (pounds drums) I'VE GOT A SECRET! With (pounds drums) BETSY PALMER!, (pounds drums) BILL CULLEN!, (pounds drums), BESS MYERSON!, (pounds drums) and HENRY MORGAN!" He introduces the first guests, The New York Percussion Trio, featuring Ronald Gould, Arnold Goldberg and Rolf Barnes. They play the "Ritual Fire Dance of Defiance" using the piano, two xylophones and timpani drums. But this isn't the only thing they have to give: they also have a secret, which the panel must guess, and the panel must put on their blindfolds (Bess Myerson can be heard softly saying "Oh,really" in displeasure). The secret is: "THE THREE OF US AND THESE INSTRUMENTS TRAVEL IN THESE TWO CARS". (Volkswagon beetles!!) (NOTE:the piano is not included among the instruments) As they pack their instruments, the panel ask their questions. Bill Cullen asked if what they were doing was athletic, and a band member says, "Oh,yes,very athletic," but Steve Allen replies, "He meant that sardonically, Bill. Actually the answer is no." Henry Morgan came close to the secret, establishing that they are packing their instruments in a small area, but no one guessed the secret. The blindfolds come off and the secret is revealed. The trio continue to pack their instruments to drum music and Steve Allen jokes about it during the time they continue packing, one comment "and the third man goes in the glove compartment." The second guest is William Tainton, and his secret is: I WAS THE FIRST MAN EVER TO APPEAR ON TELEVISION (1925)". The panel didn't come close to guessing the secret, which was tough to guess. Only Bill Cullen came anywhere near something, establishing that it was not performed in a castle or palace, and that it was in a small room. The secret is revealed only after Steve Allen says if anyone wonders who the first man to appear on TV was ---Don Ameche, from those trying to be funny. He then reveals that Mr.Tainton was the first man EVER to appear on television. Mr.Tainton explains how this was done, that John L. Baird had a machine he wanted to test and he (Tainton) became the first person to ever appear on television. Special guest star Frank Gorshin is introduced in a hilarious manner, "His current show is THAT DARN CAT, and soon he'll be appearing in THAT ROTTEN DOG and he's scheduled to appear in THAT STINKING SKUNK." Gorshin loved that, got a laugh from "THAT STINKING SKUNK" to which Steve Allen says, "Don't tell Mr.Disney I said that." Gorshin is on the show to do facial expressions of famous people, and first the panel, on barstools, one by one will be called to do the facial expressions, with assistance from Gorshin. Betsy Palmer is first, doing Alfred Hitchcock. The panel are sardonically humorous "Charles Laughton." Betsy replies "Charles Laughton?!" "Henry the 8th." "Oh,Come on!" "Henry the 9th". The panel couldn't guess, and couldn't when Frank Gorshin did it, either and so Steve Allen reveals the name. Bill Cullen's character is Burt Lancaster. Bill, too, is subject to the humorous barbs of the panel, and frowns at them. Frank Gorshin is called to do the impressions. He does Hitchcock, to the laughter of the audience, then does Lancaster. As with Hitchcock, the panel couldn't guess Lancaster either when Frank did it. Bess Myerson's character is James Cagney. In revenge, Betsy Palmer guesses "Lassie". Bess goes over and fakes being about to whack her, then hugs her "Okay, we're even." The panel didn't guess correctly, but this time when Frank Gorshin did it, they finally guessed correctly. Henry Morgan's character is Marlon Brando. Henry doesn't escape the panel's humorous barbs, either. The panel didn't guess correctly, but when Gorshin did it, they guessed correctly that it was Marlon Brando. Frank Gorshin is encouraged to do one more, although time is running short. They guess correctly it is James Whitmore. The show ends when Steve Allen says, "We don't have time to say good night so good morning."moreless

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